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The Cute Cats of Craftsy

If you caught our post featuring the Canines of Craftsy earlier, you might have also noticed the kitty lovers asking where the cats were. Rest assured, Craftsy has plenty of wonderful cats, though they're generally not in the office so it took us a bit longer to pull them off their window sills for their photoshoots.



Name: Buttercup (aka Miss Kitty)
Owner: Nicole, Marketing
Likes: Getting spanked, yogurt
Dislikes: When her brother, the dog Tokio, barks too much; being touched when she's not in the mood
Favorite Class: Spindling (or what I call giant cat toy class)

Name: Arlo, Siberian
Owner: Alex, VP eCommerce
Likes: Yarn (tangled), warm places, observing the bird feeder, sleeping
Dislikes: Hyper dogs, coffee, not getting his way, having to use the toilet instead of a litter box
Favorite Class: Know Your Wool (He would like to see a class called "Know Your Feathers - and eat what's underneath them.")

Name: Jamie
Owner: Lisa, Senior Presentation Editor
Likes: Hiding behind the drapes, checking out the birds, chilling with his BFF Moon
Dislikes: Unjustly accused of being dumb
Favorite Class: Jam & Marmalade the Blue Chair Fruit Way



Name: Moon
Owner: Lisa, Senior Presentation Editor
Likes: Dripping faucets, the idea of the outdoors
Dislikes: The actual outdoors
Favorite Class: Circular Knit Lab: Hats Four Ways. Here, let me bring you this half-finished hat in the middle of the night. Isn't it cool how I wound the yarn around the dining room chairs? Why are you yelling at me?

Name: Vihta
Owner: Noah Yetter
Likes: Playing fetch, causing trouble, hunting grasshoppers
Dislikes: Being beaten up by her smaller sister Vuori
Favorite Class: Artisan Bread Making

Name: Vuori
Owner: Noah Yetter
Likes: Climbing the curtains, high places, sleeping in the sink
Dislikes: Sudden movements, Listerine breath
Favorite Class: Mittens & Gloves Galore



Name: Miko
Owner: Noah Yetter
Likes: Sunbeams, sneaking onto the counter to lick pans
Dislikes: Visitors, static electricity, being chased by toddlers
Favorite Class: Pant Fitting Techniques

Name: Riah
Owner: Noah Yetter
Likes: Using people as furniture, playing like a kitten when no one is looking
Dislikes: Car rides, being provoked by her stepsister Vihta
Favorite Class: Celtic Cables

Name: Monkey
Owner: Tonya Nelson
Likes: Cheese, chasing the dog, napping on freshly laundered clothing
Favorite Class: Spinning dyed fibers



Name: Snickers
Owner: Alissa Norton, Senior Instructional Designer
Likes: Catnip and napping spots
Dislikes: Snow and the Fluffy Cat, nemesis next door
Favorite Class: Knitting with Beads (Yarn? Fun! Beads? Fun!)

Name: Abby
Owner: Riva Bakal, Director, Category Expansion
Likes: Catnip and pastrami
Dislikes: Parakeets (especially co-habitant parakeets) and strange noises
Favorite Class: Mittens and Gloves Galore
Jack Jack

Name: Jack Jack
Aunt: Katie, Marketing
Likes: knocking over water glasses
Dislikes: dogs, probably you
Favorite Class: Spindling



Name: Lisa
Owner:  Kovach family
Likes: Hunting wabbits, being in the middle of whatever we are doing.
Dislikes: Swimming Pools, screen doors.
Favorite Class: Adventures in Double Knitting

Name: Kita
Owner: Kirsten
Likes: Tuna, the "Tuna Song" (don't ask), playing fetch, sitting on keyboards.
Dislikes: Squirt guns, cold weather.
Favorite Class: Kita is a dwarf with legs half the size of a regular cat, so "Short Rows". Get it?
Reba & Enver

Name: Reba (left) & Enver (yes, Enver)
Owner: Katherine, Presentation team
Likes: Belly rubs, pigeon-watching, hogging the bed
Dislikes: Closed doors, strangers, dog breath
Favorite Class: The one with yarn


Ms Monk
Name: Ms Monk (white), Squeaky (calico)
Owner: Heather Crank, Motion Graphics
Likes: fishing,scrabble, enya
Dislikes: adam sandler movies
Favorite Class: anything involving knitting



Name: Sage
Owner: Michael, social team
Likes: Running water, but not running. Staring at fish. Meow-ing for food at 5am.
Dislikes: Not eating. Exercise.
Favorite Class: The entire catalog of food craft and cake decorating classes…

Name: Momo'cito
Owner: The Quereau Family-Accounting & Finance
Likes: Abby Quereau, dripping water faucets, sunbeams, and fashion.
Dislikes: Carson Quereau, being pushed around in various baby toy contraptions.
Favorite Class: The Couture Dress-Kitty needs a new dress.

Name: Charlotte
Owner: Jenn, Director of Community Relations
Likes: Running water, being my unwanted 4am alarm clock, sitting on books especially when a human is trying to read them, doing tricks for treats. Hi Five!
Dislikes: Not getting pet, giant horses (aka dogs), jumping on laps from the right.
Favorite Class: Sewing with Knits (Charlotte loves fleece)


Ben & Lucy
Name: Ben (tuxedo) and Lucy (grey tabby)
Owner: Karyn Miller, SVP of Finance & Accounting
Likes: Ben likes anything Lucy likes, coffee, warm heater vents on cold days and having his belly and nose rubbed. Lucy likes to get to the highest place possible in any room (maybe to get away from Ben), the smell of mint and green olives, and her daddy's lap.
Dislikes: Ben dislikes to be separated from Lucy; Lucy dislikes being left with Ben for too long without human contact.
Favorite Class: they both sat mesmerized on my lap as I learned how to cast on with Stefanie (thanks Stefanie!!!)


Now that you know all about the cats of Craftsy, tell us what your cat likes! And if you're a fan of canines too, check out this related post.



Absolutely fabulous…I loved reading all the comments…and could relate to many of them!

Sue Fujii

Adorable….I just love cats. Loved reading about their likes and dislikes….fun!


So sweet!!! I love Lisa, Monkey, Arlo, and Miko!!!! <3

elizabeth nelson

Such fun! After being out of the country for a spell, I look forward to making a couple kitties part of our home once again, including our Greta who has been residing with our daughter!

Terri -TN

I’ve enjoyed so much seeing the Craftsy animal babies, the dogs and the cats. I found a couple that resembles my two cats. It was fun seeing their pictures, thanks!

Judy Chaffee

What a wonerful collection of our intuitive family members! Thanks so much for introducing the entire family! Judy


Another reason to like the Craftsy team!


Love it. My cat is also crafty. He likes to help me by unpinning the seams I have just spent 5 min getting just right. He also has a theory that if he knocks any craft item off the table and onto the floor it magically becomes a cat toy that he is allowed to play with.


Very nice; What would we do without our cats. They are like little sprays of sunshine!


I love cats and find it interesting how many crafters have cats too. Mine, all 15 of them, learn at an early age that yarn is not for playing with! They just want to sleep as close as possible to the lastest work in progress.

Kate Maeda

I loved the dogs, now I love the cats. Do we get to meet the birds and fish next? Maybe some ferrets? Had a dog once who liked to herd the cats and the fish. Much more successful with the fish, they stayed where she put them. The cats, not so much.


Good grief Jean 15?!

Love the kitteh’s and you know how it is when you’re told ‘Don’t ask’!!!
So Kirsten, what IS the ‘Tuna song’? :))))


The “Tuna Song” is a song I like to sing to Kita while putting food in her food bowl to the tune of The Archies “Sugar, Sugar”. My husband thinks it’s hilarious and has been threatening to video it and put it up on YouTube. Kita thinks it’s awesome and likes to dance around while I sing.
It’s really ######.


I think we should have it for viewing in here 😉


<3 delicious 🙂


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