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Craftsy is Thankful for…

Craftsy is Thankful for...

With the holiday season kicking off, we've been busy at the Craftsy headquarters working on new features that will make the holidays brighter for everyone who loves Craftsy. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought we'd take a moment to stop working and share with you what we are truly thankful for.


I'm thankful for...


...all of the awesome instructors I get to work with on their classes. I learn so much by helping them prepare and film the classes, and it's inspiring to be able to tap into their wealth of knowledge and share that with the Craftsy community.
- Linda Permann, Production opportunity to work with such inspirational employees and such passionate customers, it makes everyday something to look forward to!
Emma Harrington, e-Commerce

...the yellow line down the center of the road, and other (less visible) boundaries that keep creative people in a space where their visions can become realities!
- Alissa Norton, Production

...the amazing, humble, motivated, and smart people I get to work with every day!
- Jenn Tomaszewski, Community


...two beautiful healthy children, a loving marriage, a rewarding career with a great team, and living in a wonderful state. I am also thankful for butter, onions, Belgian beer, and Kansas Jayhawk basketball. Rock Chalk!
- Matthew Boeckman, Engineering

...a community of people who continuously share their love and constructive feedback with all of us at Craftsy. It makes me love what I do even more and be inspired to deliver the best class experience for each and every user!
- Justin Lang, Production

...being a part of a loving community!
Ryan Brandle, Marketing


...ingenious friends, a heart-burstingly wonderful family, my muppet-esque dog, wonderful co-workers, the brave men and women in our military, and the zen I find every weekend with coffee, a good book, and CBS's "Sunday Morning" show.
- Jane Glenn, Production family and close friends, their love and support has made all the difference in my life. I'm also thankful to enjoy what I do for a living, and smile and laugh every day I'm at work.
- Nick Linkow, Marketing opportunity work in my field of study, with great people and a great company. The fact that my work touches the lives of people I'll never see is an amazing thing!
Andrew Arkis, Production


...crochet and all of the amazing people that have been brought into my life because of it and for the stress relief it gives me. My life would be (and was) incomplete without it.
- Cat Stolzenbach, e-Commerce

...the wonderful love and support of my husband each and every day, and that both of our families have been healthy and happy this year.
- Karyn Miller, Operations

...the amazing people in my life -- my supportive family, hilarious friends, and the hard-working, passionate team at Craftsy who makes me excited to come to work each day. Y'all rock!
- Caroline Wood, Marketing

Most importantly, we are thankful for each and every one of our Craftsy members that allow us to work in such an awesome, fun, and creative environment day in and day out. We wouldn't be here doing what we love if you weren't here learning what you love.

As you prepare for Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for this year?


Nancy Gardner

I am thankful for every day that God has blessed me with. I am going through a hurtful time, but I will praise my Lord and Savior and thank Him for blessing uswith everything He has. I am blind completely in one eye and going blind in the other, but God has still let me be able to quilt – one thing I love to do. And He has blessed me with a Kindle so I can read the Bible. He is a loving God’ Iwish all people were as loving as He is, espeically the ones you love.

Denise T.

God bless you, Nancy. I pray that your eyes would be completely healed in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Kindles are great too!

Debbie Jones

The ability to do the crafts that my DH and I can do. The things I can’t do, he can, and the things he can’t do, I can. We have most of the crafts covered!

Debbie Jones

But that’s not all I’m thankful for……family, health, home, faith, freedom, are just a few of the things I’m so eternally thankful for!

Anna Hinkle

I am thankful for Craftsy for offering so many classes that I can take from home and watch when I want to, and especially for your generous offering of free classes. What a concept!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all…


Bonnie Baker

I’m thankful for the gift of my life, to be loved and to love, sharing great meals with friends and family, a hike in the California Redwoods, a day spent at the beach, my dear little dogs’s love and my boyfriend. Life is awesome!


Among the many blessings in my life, I am so thankful for my new grandson, Dean!

LaNan Eldridge

I’m very, very thankful for my family, the blessings we have received and especially good health.


I am reminded while sitting outside how thankful I am to live in a beautiful home in a beautiful setting where I can enjoy trees, birds and the weather.


I am thankful for health, family, friends and teachers. This year we started out with a serious cancer surgery for my husband so I am thankful for our doctors and nurses that saved his life. More than that even his quality of life, go Johns Hopkins hospital, keep up the great work! Presently we are serving in the Middle East so I am also thankful for our freedoms and endless possibilities( especially for us as women) . I love and am thankful for my country. Mostly I am thankful to God for all I have and the gifts he gives us. To many of us we are crafters but fail to see that it is also a gift, we not only enjoy but can touch others through it.
Thanks Craftsy folks, everyone!


I’m very Thankful to have a husband who encourages me to always be creative.

Denise T.

I am thankful for life, my parents, a husband, 2 grown children, 1 sister, 4 grandchildren and believing friends.


I am very thankful for my family…it sounds so cliche but I don’t know where I’d be without my Mom and my grandson, who I will be adopting soon. I’m extremely grateful for them.

Gloria Jimenez

Besides the obvious, family and a roof over my head, I am so thankful for my good health and a great job…a job (nursing) that allows me to care for my family the way I like, a job that allows me to be able to purchase fabric without worrying about using grocery money, as in my younger days.

Barbara Weiland Talbert

I’m thankful for so much, I can’t list it all. Most of all, my sweet husband, Stan, whose job is to make me laugh, every day. He does it so well. And, I am thankful for Carftsy’s program for supporint independent designers. It has helped my business grow and it is so rewarding to see that people all over this country and all around the world like and buy my patterns. It was the shot in the arm I needed to renew my creative passion in a productive and soul-satisfying way. Thank you, all of you at Craftsy, who support all of us in reaching our creative and business goals. You are appreciated more than I can say.


Besides all my family, friends, and the health of all, I am thankful for finding Craftsy and Amy teaching me how to make quilt blocks! Thank you and God Bless all!


I am thankful for all that God has blessed me with, a loving husband, great kids and beautiful grandchildren health and living in a country where we have the opportunity to learn and share our interests and passions with others!!


I am thankful that Craftsy exists!!!

Off topic – was thinking Make-Up class would be nice to take (basic or holiday).


This morning as we were going to church I started counting the things I am thankful for and continued when I had quiet time when I could think. I haven’t finished counting yet and it is 5:54. I don’t think I have repeated many things. I am thankful most of all for my loving God, the greatest crafter of all, and for the abilities He has given me to be able to express myself. Thank you Craftsy for giving crafters the chance to learn more ways to express themselves. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Rosalie Wright

Greatful for as it has helped me hone my crochet skill set and spoke to my inner creative side, very nice to able to rewatch videos over and over again. Greatful for the fact that my surgery this weekend went well and I am home…

AliceMay Schank

I’m thankful to be living in the Midwest of this beautiful country. Thankful for my family & Quilting friends. And I wish all the employees at Craftsy a Happy (Gobble Day) Thanksgiving and for sending such inspiring and useful newsletters, also for having inexpensive classes.

AliceMay Schank

I’m thankful for Our Lord giving me such a wonderful family & quilting friends. Thankful for all the
wonderful and useful items in your Newsletters. So at this time – Happy Thanksgiving to all of you-keep up the good work that you all do.


Hands that work well enough to be able to make gifts for family and friends (post surgery for bi-lateral carpel tunnel), and for a country where it is not a crime to worship GOD.


I am so thankful for god and my hubby . My hubby has melanoma cancer and he is now been with out the cancer for 6 years and now some think is going on and the Dr. dont know what iis going on now so keep him in PRAYS PLEASE. I lost my first hubby at 29 and I am 57 now and we have been marred for 25 yeards and I dont want to lost him . I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. CAROL


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