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Thanksgiving Countdown: Project Spotlight

Craftsy Thanksgiving-themed Projects

Members are sharing more clever and cute Thanksgiving crafts projects every day. Before we show you some that caught our eye, here's a bit of background about Thanksgiving:

In the US, Thanksgiving is based on a three-day feast that took place in the fall of 1621 at Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts. After arriving in the New World, the Pilgrims found that the food stores they had brought from Britain were insufficient for such a harsh winter.

Massasoit, the leader of the Wampanoag Tribe, came to the Pilgrim’s rescue and supplied them with enough food to last until spring. After the frigid winter ground thawed, Squanto, a Native American who spoke English, taught the Pilgrims to catch plentiful seafood and grow corn.

That autumn, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag shared several meals to commemorate a successful harvest and cement their military cooperation. While turkey is now a staple on Thanksgiving, it probably wasn’t served at the first one--the Pilgrim's brought waterfowl and the Wampanoag contributed venison.

Yet today, Turkey is a symbol of Thanksgiving as we know it: A time to express gratitude for the bounty of the earth, be with people we love, support those less fortunate, and enjoy a feast of our own.


Here are some wonderful creations that remind us of the fun and festive holiday we’re all looking forward to:

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

Using cake mix, homemade fondant, and BBQ sticks, Craftsy user Jan Can created this wonderfully whimsical thanksgiving turkey cake.

Crocheted Turkey

Craftsy member and instructor Stacey Trock crocheted this plush amigurumi bird with worsted weight yarn and polyester stuffing.


Quilted Applique Turkey

Quilt Doodle designed this quick and easy applique pattern that features an adorable turkey with feathers befitting fall foliage.

Autumn Leaf Place Mats

Check out Sugar Pie Chic's project where table runners or place mats take the form of crisp autumn leaves.


Spiced Cupcakes

These spiced cupcakes by TINILWMFG are complete with cinnamon cream frosting and topped with pumpkin pie slices made of fondant.

Thanksgiving Turkey Placemats

With wool felt, Yulco Creations made this fabulous placemat with spaces for all the utensils you'll need at Thanksgiving dinner.


Making something for the holiday? Share it on our projects page!



I love the quilted turkey. He looks so regal with his fall colors.


He sure does! What a fun applique pattern for the holiday. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Jan Krentz

Happy Thanksgiving to all – readers and contributors, film crew and editors! I am thankful for CRAFTSY and all who make it possible to learn at home!


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