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Social Media Tips for Indie Designers & Makers, Pt 2: Pinterest

Pinterest tips for indie designers

Hello! Welcome back for part two of our series of social media tips for indie designers & makers. This time, we’re taking a look at a social site which strutted onto the scene with aplomb: Pinterest. The third largest social network, boasting huge traffic and impressive stats about users’ eagerness to shop, find inspiration, and almost half of all Pinterest users have bought something based on recommendations on the site.

As with part one on Facebook, there are a few questions we’ll consider with each social platform we talk about. They are:
•    Should I be on Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter/Instagram?
•    What’s my audience?
•    What are my goals?
•    How can I promote myself?Let’s take a look at how you can get started.

Should I be on Pinterest?

If you’d like to participate on a site has quickly grown to become the 4th-largest driver of web traffic on the Internet, then yes, you should be involved. The beauty is in how easy it is to share. Simply repin, like or comment on a post to amplify a pin’s reach as you scan endless, gorgeous imagery. To play your part, you should think about having similarly alluring photos of your knitting projects, product shots for patterns, daily inspiration and crafty adventures. Check out the DIY & Crafts section to see what others are pinning.

What’s my audience?

With such wide adoption, your audience could be anyone from a would-be student crafter, to a recipe hunter with an occasional craft interest, to an avid crafter actively looking for ideas & inspiration for projects, how-to’s and product recommendations. To that end, realize that Pinterest is a visual platform. Your success is based on how visually compelling your Pins are. If you blog, be sure to pin your posts and select (or upload) a beautiful photo to pull people into your blog or other shared content. If you can find, re-pin and create your own pins of visually arresting content, you’ll be well on your way.

To really dig in and understand your audience, including who’s most influential among your followers, check out this Mashable article for six Pinterest analytics tools.

What are my goals?

Any given Pin has the potential to be shared very easily — this is the beauty of the platform. It’s so easy to like, share and distribute great-looking Pins and their associated content. Your goal should be to find and Pin / re-Pin beautiful, helpful, instructional, or inspiring content related to your craft or even your own personal sources of inspiration from around the web. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your blog, Craftsy patterns, or other social media accounts, be sure to Pin and Pin frequently. Most activity happens between 4pm-11pm EST, so it’s good to share your Pins you care about during those times.

How can I promote myself?

Pinterest encourages users to maintain a balance of sharing their own content and links with sharing others’ content. You’re indeed best off achieving a balance. Re-Pin what inspires you from Pinners you’re following. As you find interesting blogs from your peers on the web, Pin their content. Then, when you share your own content, be sure to make use of the description space to talk about what you’re sharing and why someone should click-through your Pin to see what you’re sharing.

Pin your patterns, share your projects, pin your blog — all using the best imagery you can find to get people’s attention.

For help getting started on Pinterest, click here:
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Sheila Zachariae

Great tips today! I love Pinterest for driving shoppers to my Craftsy projects and shop, but I also love it to learn and find great inspirational items. If you have a Craftsy pattern store, having great photos is a MUST! It’s like giving a so-so gift…..if it’s in a great gift box or bag….it will look better!



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