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Project Highlights: Quilts with Color!

Quilts with Color

In the midst of fall, we can’t help but notice all of the brilliant colors: The green trees turning to electric yellows, vivid reds, and sweet shades of orange. We’ve got color on the brain, for sure! With that in mind, we went looking through the Craftsy quilting projects in search of quilts that employ color in exceptional, unique ways. There were many wonderful examples, but these three were among our favorite:

Batik Charm Roll Quilt

We’re fairly sure that every color of the rainbow is accounted for in this marvelous batik charm roll quilt. The black borders make already bold color choices stand out even more!

Stained Glass Wonder Quilt

Talk about convincing! This quilt practically made us do a double-take, as it really does look so much like stained glass. Here, multiple vivid colors have a calm, warming effect.

Paper Piecing Magic

This quick strip paper piecing block absolutely explodes with color! This brilliant starburst is a perfect way to use up scraps!


If you love bold, adventurous uses of color, then you’ve got to check out Color Play for Quilters!


Silvia Wright

I love the stained glass tumblers. they are so eye-catching and jump right out at you.


All these colors are so yummy looking! These quilting projects are gorgeous!

Teresa Vaughan

I made that quilt at the top left hand corner for my Mom. She took it with her for her chemo treatments to keep her warm. Sadly she lost her fight on Jan 19, 2011. I have since passed it on to a friend who is fighting cancer now.


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