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A Review of Craftsy’s Product Photography Class by Simply Notable

Mother and daughter duo of the blog Simply Notable took Caro Sheridan's Craftsy class, Shoot It! A Product Photography Primer. Even though they live far away from each other (Mom in Athens, Greece and Carli in Centerville, Utah in the US), they were able to take this class together using Craftsy's online, interactive platform. Join them on their adventure as they learn how to take product photos and share their experiences from across the globe.

Simply Notable

If you haven't seen our blog before - Simply Notable is our Mother/Daughter collaboration. Mom and Carli, that's us, have lived on separate continents for the past two years and use our crafty blog as a way to share and keep in touch.

When we were offered the opportunity to take a free Craftsy class, then write a blog post about the experience, I can't tell you how quickly we jumped at the chance! We both had recently become Craftsy members and were exploring their wonderful class selection. Carli was having good results with the Knit Lab class, after many unsuccessful attempts to learn on her own, and Mom was exploring one of the free mini classes - Short Rows. Great stuff. After jumping up and down in unbridled glee in our respective homes and holding a couple of instant messaging conferences, we decided the Photography class - Shoot It! A Product Photography Primer with Caro Sheridan would be a great class for us to take together. We always work so hard to get good photographs for Simply Notable. The crafting tends to come easy - the translating our results into compelling images is a bit more difficult.

Taking the class together was great! It really focused us on working on and discussing our photography. With our differing time zones, skype time is limited because for the most part - one of us is awake while the other's asleep. With the Craftsy class, since we were both part of the same homeroom, we could log on and see each others' photographs and questions. We could comment on the photos and contribute to class discussions - even answer each others' questions! We were really able to reinforce each others' learning.

What did Mom learn?

The exercises on Finding Your Own Style helped me to see things I hadn't understood before about what speaks to me graphically. When I'm presenting my point of view in photos that are graphically exciting to me, I know they have a stronger impact on the viewer as well. I've stepped outside my usual comfort zone and expanded my choice of backgrounds which has added interest to my photos. I'm doing better with the manual settings on my camera, which helps me get the mood and feeling I want in a photograph.

Before: Original Photo for our Ups-A-Daisy Measuring Tape Pattern:

After: Improved Photo:

What did Carli learn?

Color theory is normally a yawn for me, but in this class I found interesting concepts presented with excellent examples that really spoke to the impact color can have in my photographs. I'm a color convert. I'll pay much more attention to this in the future. My composition has improved dramatically. The examples Caro showed in the class finally explained the rule of thirds in a way that made sense to me.

Before: Original Photo for our Button Up Your Cup Pattern:

After: Improved Photo:

This was such a fun and informative class. Caro was such a wonderful instructor and was so likable! We walked away feeling as if we had a new friend.

Mom& Carli


So grab someone special and join Mom and Carli on this photography adventure. Take Caro's Shoot It! class for 20% off!
Already taken the class? Share your thoughts in the comments!




The before photos were pretty good, but the after are great. I’m signed up for the class (but not yet found the time to start !) and hope to make improvements to my product photography too. Thanks for the review and info on the course.


Wow! Just seeing the “after” shots makes me want to take this class – since I’m already a Craftsy member 😉


I need this class! Hubby has given me the task of photographing the products he makes. He wants to sell his knitting/spinning supplies online. They are beyond beautiful…but, alas, my photography is not spectacular. Yep, I’ll be signing up for this one!

Kathrine Gluvna

Ups-A-Daisy Measuring Tape Pattern – Where can I purchase this pattern? I love these.



The pictures really demonstrate how great this class must be, it will be on my To-Do list!!


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