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A Craftsy Wedding: Roaring-Twenties Aesthetics Meet DIY Details

DIY Roaring Twenties Wedding
When Colin and I decided to join our lives, we found that we shared a vision for a small wedding focused around the people and values that had made an indelible impression on our lives.

In keeping with these wishes and wanting to build lasting memories, we decided to hold the wedding in one of our favorite places: the backyard of our new house. As many family members and friends from out of state had yet to see our house, we couldn’t think of a better way to introduce them to our lives together.

We decided to DIY as much as possible for our wedding, to ensure our celebration was as intimate as possible. We wanted the focus of our wedding to be on the joy of the moment, and not to be stressed or distracted by any notion of what a wedding is “supposed to be.”

I set to work making my own veil, painting our kitchen and planning the event. I wanted to make a wedding cake, but came to realize that this was not my area of strength.

Make your own veil and wedding cake

Colin volunteered to build a new stone patio in our backyard. After it was complete, he divulged the fact that he was never certain he could actually build a 500 square foot stone patio and sidewalk in time for the ceremony. But as the wedding date drew near, he completed it with 3 days to spare. I guess sometimes you have to let go of worries, and just believe.

We kept our Gatsby-era theme in mind, but many of the best elements of our wedding came together by chance. We decorated the tables with an assortment of antique books and prints from a local artist called Thin Air Creations, paper flowers made by her daughter, and centerpiece vases full of lavender, thistles, peacock feathers, and cotton buds.

The music was an easy choice. Our friend is in the band “The Constant Tourists,” of which Colin and I are huge fans. Their music is fun and unique, and very French – they could only be described as a gypsy-jazz band. Remarkably and graciously, they were happy to learn songs special to us.

Gatsby-themed music and table settings

For dinner, we hired a Vietnamese food truck, a personal favorite. We found a cake shop here in Denver called Frills Cake Shop, which could accommodate my allergies (gluten and dairy-free). The cake and cupcakes that they created for us fit our theme, and were more delicious than I could have imagined.

Colin’s brothers were the Best Men, and my sister the Maid of Honor. Colin and his brothers wanted a memento that reminded them all of this special time in their lives. Colin’s brother acquired some vintage pocket watches, and had them all engraved especially for the brothers. These watches meant a lot to Colin; it was a wonderful gesture. Brenna and I wore beautiful kimono robes from Plum Pretty Sugar to commemorate the event and prepare for the day.

Gatsby wedding details

Colin’s dad Jeff and big brother Aaron volunteered to handcraft our wedding arbor personally as they are both woodworkers. Aaron was recently enjoying metal working as well. Combining these skills they crafted a project so beautiful & lasting — A life long remembrance of our commitment.

Gatsby-themed wedding party

The wedding and our new life began by walking down the aisle surrounded by people who love and support us.

By other people’s standards you could say many things went “wrong” — a dress debacle, weather interference, flower deliveries gone awry, among other things. But in the end it was a completely perfect day full of romance, laughter, tears and love. I wish everyone this kind of blessing when they marry.



What a beautiful wedding with such a lovely couple ! It sounds like you will both have many beautiful memories of the love of family and the love of each other to share over the years. Congrats to you both !


What a lovely, inspiring, uplifting story that some people have class and sense of occasion.

Some wedding are all for the show and others. Your wedding was for you and the people you love and they love you. In your surroundings. “Close to home. ”

Congratulations and best wishes


Just lovely, and oh so creative! <3


so beautiful<3

Alesia King

Oh my. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing. I like everything about your wedding and agree with every reason you had for designing your special day as such. PS. and thanks for sharing Thin Air Creations.


Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

Lynda Crombie

I love this!

We have some close friends who are getting married this July 2013 and this is the theme they have chosen for their wedding. I can’t wait to see and experience what they have shared with me about the things that are going to be happening for their wedding and reception.

People will always have a lasting lifetime memory of weddings like these, thanks for sharing.

Keep up the good work!


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