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Meet Sara Gresbach! Her Knitting Patterns Are as Pretty as Fall

Knitting pattern designer Sara Gresbach of Addiesma Designs has created a collection of great autumn accessories! From fine-gauge hats to modern boot toppers, we can really see that she loves fall! We love it, too. Especially when we think of the chills we might catch when we spend a whole night in the autumn air, trick-or-treating with the kids. This knitwear is just what we need!

Craftsy Pattern Store Addiesma Designs by Sara Gresbach

So imagine how excited we were when we had the chance to virtually sit down with Sara to learn more about her crafts. From reading about her, we know already know that she’s inspired by nature, but Sara put down the paints and picked up the fiber after she became a mom. Drawn not only to fiber’s beauty, she also loves its functionality. By designing and creating wonderful, unique, and colorful knitwear for her family, she says she hopes “to make life a tad more colorful and interesting.”

Beyond that, we’re so excited to learn more about her from our chat. Check it out!

We were curious to know how long she’s been knitting, and for how long of that has she also been designing:
I started creating my own designs about 2 years ago, but have gotten more serious about it in the past year. I've been knitting for about 4 years, and it has become a big part of my daily life.

We feel lucky to have found her, for sure. But we also wondered where she found us!
I heard about Craftsy originally through their Facebook knitting club.  I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of the pattern sales feature when I heard about it, and have been selling patterns through Craftsy since that feature was added.

Sara’s designs are warm and downright lovely. But they’re also quite fashionable. We wondered what her views on styles were, and if she designed specifically with trends in mind.
I have always strived to achieve a "classic" look in my wardrobe.  I would much rather spend a little more on something that will last me several years, than get a bargain and have it fall apart after one season.  I think that I carry that theory through to my designs and knitting.  When I invest the time, effort and money into creating something, I want to be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Look closer at some of Sara’s awesome patterns!

Photographer's Friend Fingerless Gloves Pattern
County Clare Boot Toppers Pattern
Yellowstone Slouch Hat Pattern



Love the interview! Great job Craftsy and Addiesma Designs. Love your patterns.


Her designs are so pleasant on first sight. They make you want to reach outn and touch.

Pam Winthrop

Recently my granddaughter who lives in Canada bought two of your patterns Saoirse Baby amd Toddler Top and Hoodsie : A Hooded Vest for Girls or Boys. I have a problem I live in New Zealand and when we buy our wool it is in metrics and ply (eg 50 grams and 4, 6 or 8 ply). Are you able to advise me with these measurements, the main thing is the ply of the yarn. I hope you are able to help as I’m looking forward to knitting these two garments and have also checked out some of your other patterns that very much appeal


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