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Project Highlights: Super Skirts!

Skirt Projects on Craftsy

As always, we’ve been keeping our eyes on Craftsy crafters’ projects, and lately we’ve been spotting some really awesome handmade skirts. These three projects, in particular, remind us how fun, versatile, and creative a good skirt can be. Are you working on a skirt of your own? Have you seen another skirt project on Craftsy that you think deserves some recognition? Let us know in the comments!

Homemade Circle SkirtLast month was Fashion Week in New York, which makes us wonder: was this circle skirt by Craftsy member sati5000 (who’s also New York-based) a big hit?
Homemade Woodland Pattern SkirtLately, we’ve been seeing a lot of woodland patterns in person, online, and on television (anyone notice Regina’s wallpaper in the ABC show Once Upon A Time?). And what can we say? We love it—especially this skirt by Craftsy member, AmandaHall25, which manages to be understated while also being stylish and playful.
Homemade Asymmetrical SkirtCraftsy member, Juniperr, says this idea wasn’t originally hers, but she was inspired by a skirt she saw on a textile website. Well, now we’re the ones who are inspired after seeing this mixed-fabric delight!

If you love skirts, and are looking to learn more about how to make them, check out the online Craftsy class, Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt for a 25% discount!


carolina sanchez

me gustaria saber si las clases online son gratis.a mi me gusta aprender a coser mi ropa.

summer dresses

I liked the circle skirt. It is crafty because there is a creativity in it. A normal skirt will not looks like it. It has an attractive color.


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