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Meet Pattern Designer Cherie, the Super Stylish Sewist!

Meet sewing pattern designer, Cherie of StudioCherie. Her designs are fresh, floral, and functional. They’re hip, stylish, and quite fashionable. Yet, her work never comes off as being too precious or gimmicky. We were curious about the person behind such great design. So we sat down to find out what makes this indie designer tick.
Meet Pattern Designer Cherie
First, and foremost we had to ask to her about her aesthetic, and how she came to create patterns that so successfully balanced form and function.
I always have someone in mind when I design. My changing pad bag was for a friend's baby shower a few years after my own kids were out of diapers. I had never been satisfied with what was available for changes on the go, so I made something I would have loved to use myself.  Currently I am making backpacks for my own kids. Having them be washable and well made is something you can't get in a store. When it comes to birthdays and holidays, it’s no different: my friends and family have come to expect something handmade from me. Many of these gifts become patterns. I always have more scraps than I like, and that affects my project list. I often stray from my own release list to make something small to use up scraps. My next little pattern will be something fun for gifts to help you use up your fabric scraps, too.

We were curious what her most popular design is, and why she thinks that connects with so many people.
The duffel is far and away my most popular product and pattern. The size and shape is so practical for traveling. It just works. I think we, all of us, have a need to express ourselves and be unique. There are endless combinations of fabric to make your duffle really different. I love all of the designer fabrics so much. It is exciting to see all of the big, splashy bags made with my pattern.

Lastly, we wanted to get her advice for fledgling indie designers.
I have just three little pieces of advice for new designers: 1) Make what you love and use yourself. 2) Make it the best you can before you sell it. Lastly, 3) be in the habit of being helpful and gracious with your customers. I think getting good at illustrating and photography is key too.

Here are some of our favorite patterns by Cherie:

Cherie's Clutches
Cherie's Urban Tote and Shoulder Bags
Cherie's Travel Duffel

These clutches come in three sizes, and are a perfect accessory for a fancy night out, or just a casual hang with friends at the coffee shop.
These are perfect for on the go. Get a stylish urban look while conveniently carrying all your stuff for a full day or running around.

Finally, here’s her most popular pattern. And for good reason. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we must get sewing!



Her designs are fabulous and so chic.

Cherie Killilea

I failed to mention the most important part of how my duffle got so popular. Blogs. Women who sew and blog. People like Kristin at SewMamaSew, and Amber at OneShabbyChick, and Kim at PersimmonDreams, and many more. In Sweden, Karin Ottilia did a sew along with my tote and shoulder bag pattern and about 40 women all made the same bag at the same time – each one unique. I need to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the women who sew and share on blogs.

Fattih Haggai

I really like your designs. They look uniqu, especially the simplicity of the whole. Its just lovely.


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