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Meet Faye: The One Millionth Craftsy User!

As the number of people registered on Craftsy climbed toward a remarkable milestone, we decided to celebrate our lucky user number one million with free Craftsy classes for life! On October 6th, much to her disbelief, Faye became the millionth registered Craftsy user. We caught up with Faye for a quick interview about her crafting background and the experience of winning our contest.

Meet Craftsy's One Millionth User
Craftsy: Hi Faye, congratulations! Can you tell us about how you became a crafter?

Faye: I've always been an artist and drawing on things as long as I can remember. In 2nd grade, my mom sent me to sewing lessons, and I fell in love! Unfortunately, the teacher stopped giving lessons so she could focus on her drapery business, and I never found another teacher as dedicated as she was. One year, I received an Indian seed bead loom kit as a birthday gift. I had no interest in beading but after trying it out, I was hooked! After many years of collecting beads but doing nothing with them, I moved and realized I had all these beads. So, it was time to do something with them. I fell in love with making jewelry from all kinds of things.

Craftsy: It's wonderful to hear that you've found a passion in jewelry making! Would you say this is your favorite craft?

Faye: I would have to say I love jewelry making and sewing the most. I think they are both so versatile, as you can make everything from clothes and jewelry to stuffed animals, furniture decorations and ornaments with those two fields. You can get pretty creative and make the most beautiful things just by changing this or that on a pattern.

Craftsy: So, have you started any Craftsy classes yet?

Faye: I signed up for the Metalworking at Home and Silver Clay classes since I'm very interested in metals and stone setting. The silver clay looks like a fun way to get shapes I couldn't otherwise get with a normal sheet of metal. I also signed up for a few sewing and knitting classes.  The first video I watched was from "Jean-ius!" and I enjoyed it, the teacher is pretty funny!

Craftsy: I'm excited to hear you've already found some classes of interest! As closed-captioning is one of our newest features, I'm wondering if you've used it yet?

Faye: I did watch "Jean-ius" first as it was one of the videos on the list of videos with CC. It is a little different from what I am used to (the text being underneath the video instead of overlapping the screen as usual), but I did like how text was highlighted as the speaker was saying it, which made following along that much easier. I am definitely looking forward to more, if not all, of the Craftsy videos being captioned, since it would really help me and a lot of other friends I know who could benefit from captions as well! I recently made matching aprons for my niece (age 2), my sister (her mother), and for my niece's doll. I unfortunately don't have a picture of it yet, but I have included a picture of myself with some of my jewelry pieces at a recent local art show for the New Mexico Association of the Deaf.

Craftsy: I'm so glad the closed captioning is helpful. Would you mind taking us back to the moment when you found out you were the 1,000,000th Craftsy user?

Faye: Well, funny story - I saw the blurb on the Craftsy Facebook wall, the Jewelry Club Facebook wall, and the Sewing Club Facebook group wall, so I was busy telling all of my friends to sign up, and then I was going to sign up myself.  I actually got distracted by chatting to a longtime friend that I hadn't talked to in a while. Then when my sister asked me what Craftsy was, I was panicking because I thought I completely missed my chance.  But then I saw the number 1000000 next to my username and I couldn't believe it! I was in shock. I was actually shaking and my heart was racing. I thought for sure I would find out someone else would have won and the number didn't actually mean anything.  Then I got the email from Craftsy saying I won, and I was so excited I told all my friends and my boyfriend had to keep reminding me that it wasn't just a dream. Even after getting the email, I wasn't sure if it was real! I'm so excited to have won.  I always told people that if I could afford it, I would take classes the rest of my life. Thanks to Craftsy, now I can!

Craftsy: What an incredible story! It gives me goosebumps. Are there Craftsy classes that you're most excited to take? Skills you're most looking forward to learning?

Faye: I'm very excited to take the Metalworking at Home classes, I am hoping there are more classes along that line. I will take all the sewing classes I can, and I'd love to see more on creating our own pattern designs and how to fit different body shapes with different patterns. I will probably take up knitting just because some of the classes look like fun! I've also been curious about cake decorating - but maybe when we get a bigger kitchen!

Craftsy: Are there any crafting topics or techniques that you would like to learn that we don't have a class for yet?

Faye: Some topics that Craftsy doesn't have yet that I would love to learn - as I said before, more metalworking and lapidary classes would be fun in my opinion. I've always been interested in fashion design and shoes, maybe a class on shoe-making? I love the idea of pattern design and fit for women and men of different body types, though - I believe that would benefit most people and certainly would be a class I would take to learn more about fashion design and self-designing outfits. I'd also be interested in art classes like learning to paint with oils or water colors, and calligraphy.


A big thanks to Faye for taking the time to answer our questions, and to everyone who registered and participated in the contest! There will be many more giveaways in the future, so please stay tuned!


Sheila Zachariae

Congrats Faye! And yes, yes, yes to Shoe Making!



do u have anything for crossstitching


Hi Vicki,

We currently do not have any cross-stitch classes, but we are always looking for exciting new classes to bring to our community and we appreciate your suggestion!


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