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Have You Heard About Craftsy?

Craftsy in the News

Have you noticed that Craftsy has been popping up everywhere these days? That’s not your imagination - Craftsy and our instructors have recently been featured in different blogs, magazines, and even on television shows. Here’s a roundup of the best of Craftsy in the news!

At the beginning of September, Craftsy co-founder John Levisay spoke to Lauren Indvik of He talked about how Craftsy came to be, saying, “We wanted to create something that captured the magic of a live classroom, not only a great instructor but also interaction with that instructor as well as fellow students. We knew there were thousands of categories where people want to learn, and we remembered from our eBay days what a huge, underserved market crafts and hobbies instruction is.” He also talks about the “resurgence in being a ‘maker’” to finance site

Crafts and hobbies instruction may have been an underserved market, but it has gained enough attention for the Associated Press to take note. Jennifer Forker’s article about the rise of online craft education was distributed to newspapers nationwide. Kristin Link, the founder of Sew Mama Sew and an upcoming Craftsy teacher, explained why she thinks online craft education has really taken off - “People have a different way of learning. Some people really need to hear it as well as see it to be able to understand it.”

For those of you who live in Kansas City, you may have seen Angela Walters, the instructor of Machine Quilting Negative Space, on Kansas City Live last month. Her first segment, on Modern Quilting, was so well-received that she came back two weeks later to show people how to DIY their own appliqued tees! Below you can see Angela Walters talking about modern quilting with Kansas City Live host Michael Mackie.



Keep looking for Craftsy and our fabulous instructors in blogs, magazines, and on television. You never know where you may see Craftsy in the news! Have you seen Craftsy in your local news? Tell us about it in the comments!


Lori C

Craftsy has totally changed the way I think about improving my craft. When I want to be inspired or learn a new technique…first stop Craftsy! I love the collaborative spirit and energizing platform. If only Craftsy could become a political party – the problems of the world could be solved! LOL! Seriously – Craftsy is the just the best – give it a try and you’ll be hooked too!
Read all about my Craftsy Love Affair!

Joyce L Miller

Paid for pattern for crockadile croched booties. I paid for the pattern on my Amazon visa. I have yet to receive the pattern. Please advise.


Hi Joyce,

We’re sorry that you haven’t been able to access your pattern that you paid for on All of the patterns sold in our online store are PDF files that are available to download from your Pattern Library on! You can find your patterns anytime: 

• Log into Craftsy with your email and password by clicking:
• Click on “Your Account” on the top right of your screen
• Click on “My Craftsy”
• On the right click on “My Pattern Library”

Please send us a message to for further assistance.


I love Craftsy! Please bring MORE Jewelry Making Classes soon. Thank you so much.


Janet Erbes

I was one of the first people to take classes from Craftsy, so far I’ve taken twelve classes. Every time I say I’m not taking anymore you bring a new one on right when I need it. My last one was your beginner serger class which came just when I bought me a used serger I counld not figure out which was a Babylock. Your instructor was fun and full of energy. Last week I started noticing you were in all my craft magazines, which are a lot I might add. Thanks for being there for this 68 year old woman who started sewing and quilting 4 years ago. One of my friends is now taking your serger class from my suggestion and hopes to be able to use her serger she has had for several years.


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