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Fix-It Friday: How To Cut Felt Shapes For Any Craft Project

Welcome to Craftsy guest blogger Abby Glassenberg. Abby has been designing and creating unique stuffed animals for several years. You can find her patterns in her Craftsy Pattern Store and on her blog, While She Naps.
How to cut accurate felt pieces

I love to craft with wool-blend felt. It comes in such a rich array colors and is perfect for all sorts of crafting and sewing projects. I use felt shapes for applique, to create eyes and noses for dolls and stuffed animals, and to make felt boards and toys for my children.

If you’ve ever tried to cut detailed felt shapes, such as circles or flowers or letters, you know that it can be tricky to cut a perfectly formed shape. Cutting identical shapes freehand is nearly impossible. If you trace the shape with a marker, bits of the marker line may show after the shape has been cut out.

Fix Inaccurate Felt Pieces

Even if you trace the shape using a water-soluble fabric marker or chalk, it can still be difficult to cut exactly along the traced outline. And when you dampen the felt to make the fabric marker outline disappear, or rub off the chalk outline with your finger, the felt fibers can become fuzzy making your shape less crisp.

I have a great tip that I use to cut detailed shapes from felt quickly and accurately. I’m going to make a garland of felt leaves to demonstrate the process. (Note that to use this method you’ll need some freezer paper. Freezer paper is readily available in the US at the grocery store near the aluminum foil.)

Use a pencil to draw your shape onto the matte side of a piece of freezer paper. For my garland, I traced a fall leaf. Cut the freezer paper roughly around the shape.

Cut Felt Accurately Step 1

Press the freezer paper shiny side down onto a piece of felt using a warm iron. The shiny side of the freezer paper will temporarily adhere to the felt.

Cut Felt Accurately Step 2

Now cut out the pattern pieces along the lines you drew. Use a pair of scissors that you don’t mind cutting paper with, but are still sharp enough for cutting fabric.

Cut Felt Accurately Step 3

Pull off the freezer paper and you’ll have a highly accurate felt cut-out!

Cut Felt Accurately Step 4

To complete the leaf garland I traced a few more leaves onto freezer paper, cut them from fall colored felt, and strung them onto some twine.

I use this cutting method to create eyes for softies, petals for felt flowers, and felt shapes for applique. It’s quick and easy and makes cutting felt a pleasure!

Make a Felt Leaf Garland

If you enjoyed Abby’s tutorial, check out Betz White’s Fab Felt Holiday Crafts class for more felt fun!



Thanks for the tip…


What a cool idea! This gives a cutting line that you don’t have to ‘erase’ and easier cutting on the felt. Thanks Abby for the tut.

Carolyn Champion

What a great tip for cutting felt…I’m going to try that soon. Thanks for sharing. Smiles Carolyn


I make some very detailed fan art pieces and always have a hard time cutting the felt for tiny eyes and other features and then getting them to match up. I will most certainly give this a try. Looks good! Thank you for the tip!

Meagan (Musings)

What an excellent tip! Thank you for sharing. Your garland is adorable!


Abby, you have the greatest tips!

Sheila Zachariae

GREAT post! One of those where you slap your own head and go….duh!



What exactly is freezer paper? Can you get it in the UK?


Hi Babecuegirl!

It looks like freezer paper may be called “grease-proof paper” in the UK. It’s a thin paper with a waxy finish on one side. More info about it here. Hope this helps!



Super cute!

Precious Crafts

I also have problems cutting felt shapes. This is something I’d certainly try, thanks for sharing the tip.:D

Kelie Wood

Oh my gosh, why didn’t I look for this help a long time ago. I have to cut out little felt curly mustaches to then sew onto a tie on a onesie. This was always a pain in my duppa! I’m going out to buy some freezer paper today! Hooray and thank you!


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