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Free-motion Feather Quilting

There are myriad trends within the larger world of quilting, but one that really stands out is feather quilting. It seems to be all the rage right now when it comes to free-motion quilting, and seeing all that can be done with feathers, we can see why! To give you an idea of just how the versatile the feather is, we highlight these three Craftsy quilters who have interpreted the traditional feather in three very unique ways:

Free-form Feather PracticeIt’s pretty amazing to think that, aside from the border, this quilt is only one single color. Those grand feather plumes give the quilt amazing depth and interest.
Free-motion Quilting Feather Tiling The tiling in this quilt is simply stunning. Between the details and the overall design, this is an example of remarkable precision, creativity, and overall skill.
Free-motion Quilting Feather Garden QuiltWhen you first look at this quilt, you might think it’s pretty or cute. And you’d be right. But look closer and think longer: using the feathers as garden foliage is clever enough, but the addition of the bird pulls the entire concept together nicely. All in all, it’s a wonderful motif.

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