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Celebrate Spinning and Weaving Week

Oh, yarn how we love it! We stash it, pet it, and constantly teach it new tricks. When we see it, we go to our happy place. Each year during the first full week of October, we officially get to celebrate making it!

Spinning and Weaving Week

Spinning and Weaving Week, a celebration of making yarn and weaving cloth, is recognized each year during the first full week of October. If spinning or weaving has been on your bucket list, Craftsy has a course for you. From our free course Know Your Wool to our detailed and in-depth Floor Loom Weaving. Here is what is unique about each of our spinning and weaving courses:

  • Know Your Wool with Deborah Robson. Breed-specific wool is very trendy, but what does that term really mean? Deborah Robson takes you on a trip to a wool market and shows you how to evaluate and use what you find. After taking this course you will know your wool!
  • Spindling From Fluff To Stuff with Drucilla Pettibone. So maybe you gave spindleing a try and you got discouraged and gave up. It wasn't you! All you needed was a little support. In this course, Durcilla Pettibone teaches you to support your spindle a table to help you get the hang of things, thus taking the “drop” out of the drop spindle!
  • Spinning Dyed Fiber with Felicia Lo. Oh, those beautiful rich spaced-dyed rovings. How many of you have added them to your stash, but are afraid to use them because you might diminish their beauty! Have no fear, Felicia is here. Learn how to evaluate, manage, and spin dyed fibers to get exactly the results you want!
  • Bead and Tapestry Cuffs with Claudia Chase. Tapestry has a unique graphic quality to it that allows you create bold geometric shapes. Many are drawn to it for its painterly qualities. If you have a picture frame, a bit of stash, and 45-minutes? You could be weaving a unique tapestry cuff today.
  • Rigid Heddle Weaving with Angela Tong. Despite its funny name, the rigid-heddle loom is a very sophisticated tool that is well within reach of your budget and your expertise. Best of all it is easy to set up and can handle any of those yarns in your stash! Learn from an experienced knitter who fell in love with what weaving.
  • Floor Loom Weaving with Janet Dawson. Janet Dawson give you plenty of rich, detailed, hands-on instruction in her new course. From how to read a weaving draft to trips and tricks that will have you weaving effectively and efficiency the value in this course is the many, many helpful hints you receive along the way.



I’m just beginning the bead weaving, bracelet class and am wondering if you will offer more of this type AND knitting using a loom?


Hi Kathy,
We don’t have another bead weaving or bracelet class in the works as of right now, but we love to hear suggestions and feedback from our members! I’ll be sure to pass your suggestions on to our production team. Thanks for sending us your feedback!


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