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Trend Alert! Icelandic Knitting

As we head into fall, knitters start dreaming about that perfect sweater.  One hot trend in knitting looks to the cool climes of Iceland.  Craftsy knitters have already discovered how beautiful and expressive these sweaters can be:

Check out these amazing knitting projects from the Craftsy community (be sure to [heart] and leave a comment on the projects you really love. It’s good karma!)

Icelandic Knitting

Jaime’s Icelandic Lopi Sweater

Fancy Tiger Crafts co-owner, Jaime, is always on trend, and her version of the Icelandic sweater is no exception.  Jaime took her inspiration from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s style book and designed her own colorwork pattern.

Black and White Icelandic Sweater

About her Icelandic sweater, knitter Maja says, “This is modeled on the traditional Icelandic sweater, knitted in the round from the bottom up. I tailored the body a little to make it look a bit more up to date. The graphic pattern is taken from old pattern books and this particular pattern was originally one for needlework which I have adapted as a knitting pattern. This historic pattern book belonged to Helga Brynjolfsdottur and she was a pastor’s wife in Hruni, Iceland (1807 1882).”

Round Neck Wool Pullover

“I needed a ski sweater. Icelandic wool is a wonderful choice of yarn for such a sweater and the traditional ‘Nordic’ style pattern.  This sweater has only two small seams (one under each arm approx. 1″ long). The sweater is knit on circular needles from the neck/yoke down, split onto smaller round needles for each sleeve, and continued on a single circular needle for the bottom of the sweater. I love the pattern.”

Ready to knit your own Icelandic knit sweater? Learn with Ragga Eiriksdottir in The Top-Down Icelandic Sweater. Want more inspiration? Check out the projects from students of the class. You could be in there soon!




is there a cardi with the icelandic design i dont wear jumper or sweater


Wow! Those sweaters were beautiful! I’m sure it will be a great class, and I sure hope that Jo’s suggestion/hope for an Icelandic Cardi is part of the course.


Ooh! I agree that an Icelandic cardigan would be especially great!! Can’t wait to sign up for the class!!!

Anne Marks

These sweaters are fun to knit. In the late 80’s in Scotland I knitted two of them.


A class sounds great! I just hope the sweater pattern used is sized up to at least a bust of 50″.
I’ve bought classes to learn a technique but its disappointing to know that it won’t fit you.


I agree, I want a class but would love patterns that I don’t have to rework up to a 53″ bust.


I did Icelandic knitting decades ago! The black and white design is stunning, very current. I’d love to find the pattern.


Kelly, have heart. There is help online to change the gauge and/or size of patterns. Go look at to learn how to calculate those changes. If you want more information, write to me at Ducky_711 at yahoo dot com. I have an Excel file with lots of information to help you.


Beautiful sweaters. I also agree, a cardi pattern is a must! Looking forward to this class.

Tammie Nava

How can I get the book or pattern? I live in Georgetown, Kentucky


These are absolutely beuatiful! I’d love to make the black and white one. Any chance of getting the pattern?


I love this pattern my mother knit so many Can’t wait to see a class on this


Como faço para adquirir este padrão?



Good to know that these beautiful sweaters are coming back. I loved knitting them in the 80s–and have my dad’s sweater. I didn’t want to give it away during the years that people weren’t really wearing them, but know that they are classic and would eventually come back in style. With such wonderful choices in yarn these days, it will be a renewed pleasure to knit these patterns.


Can’t wait to see the class!! When will it be available?? I saw a preview of it at Stitches East this year!


I knitted loads of these in the 80s – I remember knitting six for Christmas one year when I lived in Inverness. Would love to find out how to get the wool and up to date patterns to have a go again!


Please HELP
I have completed the ribbed section on the circular needle how do I ST ST using the circular needle?


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