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Sewing Children’s Clothing:
Check Out These Projects from Our Craftsy Community

Every time we see a teeny tiny hoody or a miniature-sized dress, we can’t help but “awwww” at how precious they are. It’s a well-known fact that everything is better, cuter, and more attractive when it’s sized for children. Another reason that we as crafters enjoy making things for children is because we love them! It’s a wonderful feeling to make something for a friend’s brand-new baby, for a niece or nephew, or for your own children. It’s great to watch their eyes light up as they see what you’ve whipped up just for them. And, watching kids laugh, play, and have fun in your creations is just the cherry on top!


Here are some examples of children’s clothing that Craftsy members have created!
Sewing for Children

Overall Cute is a project that Craftsy member, Jenya, made for her daughter. Decorated with pink, heart buttons, this is perfect for any little girl!
My 1st Zephyrs, made by Craftsy member Sonicka, was inspired by a Craftsy class all about kids’ clothing (hint: you can learn more about it at the end of this post!).
Groovy Hoodie, created by Craftsy member Truly Myrtle, was made using Merino jersey and stylish faux fur!


If you’re interested in making clothing for your children or the kids you love in your life, check out Kid’s Romper Revamp, taught by Shelly Figueroa. In this class, master how to take accurate children’s measurements, select appropriate fabrics and details, and make a stylish romper!

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Thanks for featuring my romper on your blog! My daughter was delighted to see herself in your post. She thinks she’s famous now!!


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