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Meet Nicole, a Craftsy Crafter!

When people find out I work at Craftsy, their next question is usually, “So what do you make?” Not surprisingly, the Craftsy team is full of talented individuals who use their spare time to create some amazing things. For our first “Craftsy Crafter” feature, I sat down with Marketing Creative Director, Nicole Askari, to talk about her craft, modern, fused glass pendants.


Craftsy Crafters: Nicole Askari

Nicole started making these amazing pendants about six years ago when she took a fused dichroic glass class with her mom. They had such a great time that they purchased their first kiln immediately after! Her favorite part about making her jewelry is "being able to make serious statement pieces that evoke emotion and feeling. It’s wearable art!”

I asked Nicole what her favorite part of working at Craftsy was, and she said that feels like she’s "part of something huge, and that Craftsy offers our users the knowledge and ability to further their creativity like no one else can." Her next creative endeavor? Cheese making!

Finally, I asked Nicole if there is anything else she wanted to share with the Craftsy community, and I love the response she gave:

“Don’t ever let any art form or craft intimidate you. If it’s something you love and admire, chances are your passion will shine through in a way you’ve never imagined.”

Thanks so much, Nicole, for sharing your passion and talent with us all! If you’re inspired by Nicole’s craft, check out Craftsy’s jewelry classes to start creating your own wearable art.


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