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Machine Quilting Negative Space:
Check Out These Projects from Our Craftsy Community

One of the hottest trends in the quilting world is turning negative space into fabulous works of art using machine quilting! Why waste valuable negative space with boring designs? Craftsy quilters are joining the negative-space revolution, and using machine-quilting techniques to adorn that space with beautiful thread design.


We're loving the results! Here are some examples of negative-space quilting created by our very own Craftsy members:

TOP: Modern Quilt with Negative Space, made by Craftsy member ellebeesquilts, is a lovely modern quilt inspired by a photograph.

MIDDLE: Negative Space Wall Hanging, created by Craftsy member Dcheck, is a beautiful example of how negative-space quilting can enhance simple shapes and strong colors.

BOTTOM: Sample Quilt - Negative Space, made by Craftsy member Tiffanyquilts, shows how gorgeous a simple design in negative space can be.

Negative Space Quilt by the Craftsy community.

If you want to turn your negative space into positively fabulous designs, check out Angela Walters’ online Craftsy class, Machine Quilting Negative Space to begin!


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