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Knitting for the Fall with Ann McCauley

This is a guest post from Craftsy Workshop designer Ann McCauley.

Fall means one thing - it’s sweater time! Back-to-school displays in stores make me think of back-to-school sweaters, my most frequently knit item. After all, they are the most comfy and cozy thing one can possibly wear. Here are a few other reasons why I love fall knitting...

Ann McCauley's Craftsy Workshop: Texture Tunic
5. Choosing new yarn. It’s an experience to be savored! I encourage a substantial amount of touching yarn as part of the process, so visit your Local Yarn Store and feel away. When I think about what fiber to knit with each season, wool is the natural choice for fall as it welcomes the crisp air.

4. Choosing the colors.  I love choosing what colors to work with, even though it can be challenging at times.  When possible, it is always best to look at colors in natural light and hold a skein close to your skin to judge which colors will look best on you.

3. Knitting cables.  Cables are timeless, and a staple of fall knitting. They are intriguing to look at, giving your fall projects a nice element of design, and fun to knit.

2. Timing.  Specifically, finishing a project when there is plenty of time left to wear it in the appropriate season.  This doesn’t always happen, but it’s nice when it does which is why I start my fall knitting early!

1. Trying on a finished project for the first time. The best part about fall knitting (or any knitting!) is finishing a project, of course. You may find that once you put something on, you won’t take it off (at least if you’re me).

It may be hard for some of you to get a jump on fall knitting while summer is just winding down. If you need a push to get fall knitting on your needles, sign up for my Texture Tunic workshop today. My Texture Tunic is a great transition piece to get you from late summer to early autumn, and workshops make it easy to knit along. Not only do you get the pattern and step-by-step instructions with pictures, but you can always ask me questions if you get stuck! As the days get shorter and the evenings crisper, you'll love having this tunic to keep you warm.




I am not an expert knitter but do enjoy doing simple items. As of late most especially Christmas ornaments or tiny toys.I would so appreciate if someone would do up a pattern for a cartoon character of the baby TV program me as there are none out there to be found , Draco is my grandsons favorite,and Oliver comes second..Thanks you and love your site .

Dee Tinnin

Love your Texture Tunic……..Is the pattern available for purchase?


Gracias amigos!!! por compartir esta pagjna, son un gran aporte, a quienes nos gustan las manualidades, en especial crochet y palillos…me parece genial, contar con ustedes en este medio, bendiciones!!!!


I love Fall and knitting because Fall signals an end to the Summer business and more time to snuggle warmly in the sun room and knit, knit, knit.


My favorite thing about fall knitting.. is knitting in front of the fire!


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