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Help Decide Which DonorsChoose Projects to Fund!



Craftsy is donating $2,000 to DonorsChoose projects—help us decide which projects to fund!


We'd first like to thank everyone who participated for Craftsy Free Class Day last weekend for people who had never tried a Craftsy class. If you missed out, don't fret! Here's a link to free crafting classes on Craftsy.

By the end of Free Class Day, 6,000 people signed up for their first Craftsy class! Although that was short of our goal of 10,000 for a $2,500 Craftsy donation to DonorsChoose, we're thrilled with the response and so we will be making a $2,000 donation on behalf of everyone who participated!

Now we need you to help decide which DonorsChoose projects to fund! We've selected 8 projects in 4 categories: Quilting, Sewing, Fiber Arts and Cooking/Baking. How can you vote? Visit the corresponding Facebook Page for each category and click "Share" on Facebook to log your vote while helping spread the word about DonorsChoose. The Facebook Pages with the most Shares will have their projects funded!


Quilting - click here to vote by clicking "Share" on the Quilting Club!


Sewing - click here to vote by clicking "Share" on the Sewing Club!


Fiber Arts - click here to vote by clicking "Share" on the Knitting Club or Crocheting Club!


Cooking / Baking - click here to vote by clicking "Share" on I (Heart) Cake Decorating!


You have until Monday, September 17 to vote. We'll update this post then to announce the projects which will each receive an equal share of the $2,000 total donation!


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