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Free Video Tip: How to Make Modeling Chocolate

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Hi, I'm Lauren Kitchens, online cake instructor at, and I'm going to show you how to quickly make modeling chocolate.

I've melted one pound of white chocolate chips that I've bought at a grocery store. And I also have half a cup of clear corn syrup. You can also use glucose, if you can get your hands on that. So in my melted white chocolate, I pour in my corn syrup.

And now we start mixing.

You don't want to mix fast, and you don't to mix too much. But you want to make sure that the white chocolate makes contact with the corn syrup. You don't want any part of the white chocolate not touching corn syrup. You want the whole thing to seize. I'm not mixing very fast, and it only took about twenty strokes of my spatula. I'm folding in, scraping the sides of the bowl, the bottom of the bowl, and I'm making sure there's no white chocolate that's been untouched by corn syrup.

And now we'll turn our chocolate out onto a piece of Saran Wrap. Then fold the Saran Wrap over the modeling chocolate, pressing all the air away. By tomorrow, this modeling chocolate will be ready to knead into a soft pliable consistency.

I have some modeling chocolate that has set overnight, and it's ready to be kneaded. I want you to notice it's really slick and kind of greasy. It's very hard; it's not very pliable. I'll break this into chunks and knead it into a workable consistency so it turns into modeling chocolate. It's even lighter in color. I've worked all the fats in. It's really workable. It's like a clay. It's like a workable clay made out of chocolate.

The great thing about modeling chocolate is it can defy gravity without drying or setting. It's instantly ready. It just needs to be cool.

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Yarnitect (Dana)

Awesome tip. Thanks for the quick tutorial. I’ve melted chocolate chips before and they get spotty. I’ve also bought melting chocolate but don’t like the flavor. This looks super easy and fun!

Marnie Ehlers

I loved the modeling chocolate video! Can you do the same thing with dark chocolate instead of the white?


lovely tip,really nice to know, but i will like to know if u let your melted chocolate cool down before adding your corn syrub?

by the way thanks a zill for the tip!!!!!!!!



You want to add the Corn Syrup to the melted chocolate before you let it cool at room temperature overnight.


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