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Craftsy Staff Fun: The Etsy Craft Party 2012!

On August 24, 2012 the wonderful folks at Etsy put together a worldwide Craft Party, and we were lucky enough to host Denver’s edition! Etsy put this party together through Meetup, and this year 5,331 crafters throughout 605 different cities celebrated by making fun projects and interacting with like-minded individuals! This year's theme was "wish you were here," so we centered our party and crafts around our wonderful city of Denver.

Craftsy + Etsy

With our focus on Denver, from the mountains to the flowers, we also wanted to give partygoers a chance to get to know our local craft shops. We were able to partner with the Denver Handmade Alliance, Rakun, The Makerie, and Fancy Tiger Crafts to make sure the party was a success! And a success it definitely was. Throughout the night we hosted crafters from around the Denver area, helped them create items centered around Denver landmarks, and enjoyed food and drink while getting to know each other.

Another fun twist is that the party was hosted in our very own Craftsy studios, so attendees were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at where we film our classes! We had a really wonderful time with everyone who was able to attend, and are certainly looking forward to the next time we get to spend time with our Denver-area crafters.


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