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Step Three: Craftsy Quilts of Valor Mystery Quilt-a-long!

Welcome to Part Three of this guest Quilt-a-long series from Alycia of Alycia Quilts. Last week, Alycia told you how to cut your fabric. This week, she walks us through the first block. Come back each week for the next  step of the mystery quilt designed for Quilts of Valor! This quilt will also be featured in an upcoming Craftsy quilting class.
Step 3: The Small Star Block

This block will finish at 5 inches. I know its small, but it is so cool! AND…You only need to make eight of them!!!

See how cool it is!

We will be using the Tri Recs ruler for these. So grab your 2-inch blue strips. You will need 32 sets of these little pieces. When I cut them I stacked the two strips together and cut two at a time for a total of 64 pieces (or 32 sets). DO NOT forget the little tab cut on your ruler. These help you when you sew them to the Tri part of the star.

Using my Recs ruler

Remember the tab cut on your ruler!!!

Next grab your 2-inch cream strip, and the left over 2-inch strip, and cut 32 Tri Pieces.

Cutting my Tri pieces

Sew your Tri Rec star points together.

Here is how the pieces will fit together

I found it helpful to sew all the left side together, press, then sew all the right sides on, and press.

Sewing a Tri and Rec together

Chain piecing the Tri and Rec pieces

When all the star points have been sewn, we are now ready to put the block together. You need your 2-inch squares in cream, your 2-inch squares in red, and your star pieces. They will all lay out like this:

This is what your block layout should look like.

I sewed them row by row, pressed, then sewed the rows together. If you press two rows one way, and the middle row the other direction, you get seam that nestle together when you put the whole block together. This really helps when quilting to avoid the build-up of big lumps.

Here you can see how I pressed my seams.

And…TA-DA!!! You are now finished with a 5 inch star block.!

You should have eight of these total!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at AlyciaQuilts@gmail.com, and come back next week to see the next step in our Mystery Quilt-a-long for Quilts of Valor! We are halfway there…

Finish your eight 5-inch star blocks, and come back next Wednesday to find out what the next step will be! Join us for the next three weeks as we create a mystery quilt together. Thanks again to Alycia for leading us on this fun quilt-a-long!




Tried to print out this step. Repeat failures. Have the picture in my head and have written out (longhand) the instructions as a reminder. Suppose it is because there were so many photos in this step. I tried to print only the text, and that didn’t work either. Oh well, go with the flow.


Hi. Sorry for the trouble you are having printing this blog post. Unfortunately we don’t have an easy print text only button on our blog. You might want to try highlighting the blog post, copying and pasting it into a text editing program (like Word) and deleted the images before printing it. Good luck and have fun on the mystery quilt-a-long!


Finished the fussy little star blocks! They turned out great! Can’t wait til next week!!!


I assume that if I am NOT using a batik that I would put right sides together before cutting the “rec” part. Otherwise it will be all the same shape, right?


Yes you would-i forgot that small fact and have a bunch of extras that i’ll save for another quilt. Note to self, cut AFTER coffee!


Thank you for the clear explanations and the pictures. Done, and ready for step 4. Thank you for the quilt-a-long. It is a mystery to me.


I just found this mystery. Is there any way to get Steps 1 and 2?


Hi Chris!

You can find the other steps here.



They are cute, but a little wonky. Looking forward to some bigger blocks.


Really beautiful and the tutorial is easy to follow but I need that fabulous ruler to do iquickly.Can I use a dresden ruler to draw the crean triangle?Thanks so much


I just stumbled across this QOV Mystery Quilt-a-long myself via ‘Kimmie’ Brunner’s blog (http://afabricplayground.blogspot.com/) 24 hours ago – what a terrific idea…Thanks for doing this, Alicia! I’m working on Step #4 as I write and hope to be caught up by the time the next clue is released on Wednesday. Can hardly wait for Kimmie’s class to begin in October, what a wonderful instructor she is. I expect to learn alot and come out a much better quilter 😉

Thanks again for all you’ve done for the Quilts of Valor project Alicia, amazing!

Marcella Magill

I would like to have the instructions for the QOV quilt. I need the week of 4-5-6. Thank you


Hi Marcella,

You can see all the steps here.


Rita West

What size are the borders supposed to be cut? I evidently deleted my emails for the remaining steps. Is the pattern no longer available on-line? If so, I can’t seem to find them. Thanks for your help. I love the pattern and loved doing the on-line mystery.


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