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BERNINA’S DIY Wedding Contest: We Have a Winner!

Craftsy recently teamed up with BERNINA for a project contest all about weddings. In order to enter this contest, Craftsy members had to upload a wedding-themed project that they made themselves. The rules were simple, but the prize is huge. The winner of this contest receives a brand new BERNINA 3 Series sewing machine! We've been keeping a close eye on the projects entered and after counting hundreds of hearts we're happy to announce that we have a winner.

The first-place, grand-prize winner of the BERNINA 3 Series sewing machine is Craftsy member qlu, with their project, Wistful BERNINA Wedding Dress!

The top three runners up will each receive a free Craftsy class of their choice.

Coming in second is Craftsy member AnnaBananaKing with their project, BERNINA Lily of the Valley Wedding Dress. 

In third place is Craftsy member Laura R. with her project, Hilary's Wedding Dress - Love BERNINA!

And coming in fourth place is Craftsy member bonitapatterns with their project, BERNINA Crocodile Stitch Gown. 

Congratulations to all the winners!


Kathy C

Hillary’s Wedding Dress is the dress that should have won first place!


Why was a project from the UK chosen as winner? I thought the winner had to be someone from the US.


Hi there,

Members from the UK were allowed to participate as long as they could arrange for their sewing machine to be picked up in the US if they won. The winner deals directly with BERNINA to organize pick up of their machine, so as long as they have an individual in the US to pick it up they were eligible. Craftsy nor BERNINA are shipping the winning machine, the winner (or someone the winner has delegated to do so) has to pick it up at a BERNINA location in the United States. Sorry if there was any confusion.


WOW gotta just say, who ever your judges were, have some rather unique tastes in wedding dresses. I have made several wedding dresses, and I have to say, ALL of them were much nicer than any that were choosen here. Am not sure what the rules were, since I just came across this today, but I have to say WOW!!( and that is not in a “good” way)


Thank you so much for your comment. All winners were chosen by the Craftsy community. Craftsy members were able to click on what dress they liked the most. Whatever dresses had the most hearts were our winners! Continue to check back for more contest to come and be sure to always choose your favorites!


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