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Craftsy Staff Fun—Outside the Office!

Craftsy Fun!

Once a month the Craftsy group likes to get together to enjoy some quality time spent outside the office. It’s here that we bond together as a group, interact with other departments we normally don't in our day-to-day office life, and just enjoy being together as a team!

A few weeks ago we took part in tasty food, delicious drinks, and great company during a staff-wide happy hour at a local restaurant here in Denver, CO, where Craftsy HQ is located. It was a wonderful time to discuss how we're growing as a team, the work that we’re doing, and how excited we are to continue offering educational classes and tools to the crafting community.





I would really like to have a wishlist! So that my husband can go in there and purchase what ever classes or fabric I have been looking at. That would be alot easier than trying to describe to him what I want.


Hi Teresa,

I completely understand your request. We are actually in the process of developing this feature on our site. Hopefully it will be avaliable in the very near future!

Because I Can

I agree with Teresa..a wishlist is a wonderful idea for husbands, friends, and family alike. thanks for the suggestion, and thanks Craftsy for working on this idea. hopefully, it will be ready in time for the holidays.


WOW, I recently found this site, LOVE IT. Having a hard time deciding which class to take 1st. There are so many I’m interested in and the instructors are awesome. Now I find out your HQ is located right here where I live. Hmm, giving me thoughts of coming out of my early retirement, how fun it must be to work there 🙂


Hi Chris,

I am happy to hear you are loving the Craftsy site! Craftsy is indeed a great place to work!


Hello Crafty World, I’m looking to do a Christmas ornament project that calls for cellulose powder. Any suggestions on where to find this? I’ve tried various health stores, michaels, etc.


I go to Denver now and then and am wondering. Do you have the kind of “open” office/retail area that allows visitors?


Hi Fran,

Thanks for your interest in visiting Craftsy. Unfortunately, we do not have an open retail area that allows visitors. Hopefully we will have something like this avaliable in the future, as we love meeting Craftsy fans!

Cheers and Happy Crafting!

Lizette Venter

Yes, I’d really like to see one of those too.
I have knitting patterns for sale on Craftsy. I absolutely love that my designs are being worked on all over the globe – from Hungary to Alaska, and I would really like to have a feature that shows the work of those who have knitted up my patterns and how their creativity in choosing yarns and colour can make each item unique and personal – a bit of Craftsy bonding without the delicious looking cocktails.


In the meantime, you can go to Amazon and download their wish list tool bar, so that you can click on it to add any item from any web site to one central wish list. My son does better at gift giving when he can just go to one wish list site and click on something to give and get immediately taken to that web site to order things.
I hope this helps Teresa.


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