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Meet Tory, and Learn About Her Adventure to the National Quilt Museum

Tory Lynne is Craftsy's SEO guru. She helps us keep our keywords spot on and our site easy to access and navigate. Recently, Tory had the chance to visit the National Quilt Museum, and we had the chance to sit down with her to hear all about it!

Craftsy's Tory Lynne at the National Quilt Museum

1. First of all, how did you find yourself at the National Quilt Museum anyway?

While on the way to the family vacation destination Grand Rivers, Kentucky - sailing on Kentucky Lake - we passed a sign for the museum. Paducah, KY was only 30 minutes away, and between my personal interest in quilting and working at Craftsy, I just had to stop in. On the Friday before we left, Colin and Joan (my fiancé and his stepmom) piled in the car for an afternoon adventure. Joan's an artist (painter) and loves textiles, and Colin really wants me to make a quilt for our home. He grew up with the ones his mother and grandmother made, and has rather romantic familial notions of them. This was an opportunity to see what was out there and goad me into starting the project.

2. What was your favorite piece that you saw there?

I'm not sure how to choose! There's so many different kinds. The Miniature Quilts Exhibit was both incredibly detailed and interesting, as was the Basket Quilts Collection. I'd have to say that the wooden quilt was my favorite, because it's just so unusual. It's actually a wood carving shaped and painted to look like a regular quilt, and unless you go up and knock on it you couldn't tell. Don't worry, they have a special wooden "quilt block" set aside so you can do just that!

3. What did you find most interesting about visiting the Museum?

I think what I was most struck by was that these quilts really were works of art - not blankets to keep warm. From amazingly detailed to classically simple, each of them had a story to tell and an artist that told it in their own creative way. Never having seen an art quilt close up, it was pretty amazing. In my head they were all about warmth, comfort and family. But these were... different. They were actual works of art, like a painting made with cloth. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

4. Finally, has this visit inspired you to jump into the world of quilting? I heard there were a few Craftsy classes great for doing just that! 

Well, I'll admit this has been on my mind for some time - even prior to working at Craftsy! I blame my fiancé... in any case, yes, I'm going to have to. Since the wedding is in October I'm thinking of making it and giving it to him as a wedding present (Shhhhh! Don't tell him!) This will be especially nice because his Dad (woodworker) is making us an arch to marry under, and his brother (metal worker) a bench for our backyard. We're a very crafty bunch! I'm planning on taking both Quilting Quickly 1 and Magical Jelly Roll Quilts. Since I'm a beginner, I'd like to try something simple that's still fun!

*You can see the entire collection here: http://www.quiltindex.org/maqs.php
*The National Quilt Museum sells small quilts from artists in the gift shop, and online.



Enjoyed the story of your visit to the museum. Good luck with your quilt.


Thank you Tory. I visited the museum the last week in June and saw the same quilts Tory did. Like Tory I was extremely impressed with the artistic, creative ability of quilters. I have been sewing for more than 50 years, (expertise is custom bridal gowns). but am new to quilting. I can only dream of becoming that creative.


Wish we had a quilting place in England

Mary H. Reed

For Doreen: There are numerous quilt shops in England. My daughter lived in Seven Oaks, Kent, for ten years and worked at “Puddle Ducks” in Seven Oaks. There is a national quilt group than can be contacted, and there are several quilt shows during the year. Good luck! Mary R.


I always find that visiting any museum gives me loads of things to think about, and more understanding of the subjects. How wonderful that you have so many new ideas for and about quilts and are jumping into it with both hands. Best of luck on your quilt and wedded bliss!


Huge fan of quilts. They were cool before anyone knew they were.

Tory Lynne

Thanks so much ladies (and good sir)! I’m really excited to get started, and hope we all have many chances to see more beautiful quilts in the near future.


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