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Craftsy Recently Returned from TNNA!

Craftsy's Susan Juvet, Emily Lawrence and Linda Permann

Craftsy's Susan Juvet is back with another recap of a wonderful event: TNNA's Summer NeedleArts Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio.

Learn all about Susan's favorite events at TNNA, and the special inside scoop of the fabulous party Craftsy hosted while there!

How was the show? Did you come home with any new and exciting tips?

It was really amazing! It was my first TNNA, and was also new to some Craftsy co-workers who attended too. The show was different from other craft trade shows in that it was exclusively focused on knitting, crochet and needlepoint. Everyone there was passionate about their work and it was invigorating to meet so many designers. Literally everywhere you went there was someone knitting or crocheting both off and on the show floor.

What was your favorite event at TNNA? 

There were two amazing evening events. On the first night there was Marly Bird's designer dinner. This was special because it was full of amazing designers all in one room celebrating TNNA. Marly has been doing this event for years and each year I hear it gets bigger and more sought after. On the second night there was the first ever Craftsy party! This was a total blast to plan and invite amazing people to. I am so glad people came and had a good time, that's what matters.

Buzz around the office says that you hosted a fairly fabulous Craftsy party. Tell us more about it!

It was a splendid affair and totally fabulous! We hosted a gathering at Mouton (which means sheep in French) a small French cocktail bar and restaurant in the trendy Short North district of Columbus. We gave away Vicki Howell's Purple Stitch yarn to benefit epilepsy research. Our intention was to bring together Craftsy faces with designers, publishers and various yarn companies and manufacturers. We had an adorable cocktail menu with local liquors, beer, and wine as well as local artisanal meats, breads, and cheeses and of course the all-time famous Jeni's Ice Cream. We are so thankful to everyone who came and celebrated with us.

Speaking of trade shows, when will Craftsy be attending another one? 

We will be promoting some local quilt shows (info to come) and I will definitely be at Craft & Hobby Association in Rosemont, Illinois in July. You can catch Craftsy instructors and staff in a big booth at STITCHES Midwest on August 9th-12th in Schaumberg, Illinois. After that-stay tuned as it looks like we will have a busy Fall coming up ahead.

Finally, are you inspired to become a fiber artist yourself after attending the show?

Yes! I actually picked up some yarn samples in fun colors and hope to try my hand at a scarf. I would love to do hats or sweaters... but I will need to take a Craftsy class to learn those techniques. I hope to knit my 6-month-old nephew something for Christmas this year.


Awesome creative ladies hanging out at The Craftsy Party at TNNA from left to right: Mary-Heather (Ravelry), Sarah (Sexy Knitter), Ragga, Anna Dalvi, Alex Tinsley, Lee Meredith.


Creative minds converge from left to right: Ellen Gormley, Jennifer Hansen, Drew Emborsky, and Rebecca Campbell.


MOUTON was filled to capacity for the first ever Craftsy Party at TNNA!