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Help Support Those Fighting the High Park Fire

Satellite image of Colorado Springs courtesy of Digital Globe

As massive, wind-stoked wildfires burn across the Rockies, those affected by the devastation are at the forefront of the minds of Colorado residents and people around the country.  When disasters occur, it’s more important than ever that we rally together to support those who have been struck by tragedy.  Craftsy HQ is located here in Denver, Colorado, as are our hearts, homes, and families.

In the spirit of community, Craftsy has made a $3,000 donation to the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, whose staff is working tirelessly to help those affected by the High Park Fire—one of the most destructive fires in Colorado history.  Please visit First Giving to help us raise $10,000 for the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department.


Sheila Summers

When there was no hope of containing the fire, these volunteers put themselves in danger to save many people and their homes. If not for their heroic efforts, our losses would have been staggering.

Christine Gisler

With news of your fires being on world television news over here in New Zealand we are all aware of the dangers you are facing.You are in our prayers and thoughts. Xx

Renee Galvin

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO and my parents are still living there. I’m now living in Missouri, but because my childhood memories are from the Rockies, I’ve not only been keeping up-to-date on the wildfire news but my thoughts and prayers are with the firefighters and those who have lost their homes and so many belongings. I will continue to pray for those still battling the fires, and for those who plan on relocating or rebuilding. I’m so thankful that God protected my family from the fires.


When the 2009 Station Fire in California (Tujunga) and many of my friends lost their homes, we were blessed when the helicopters finally stopped the fire within 1000 feet of our house. I have been praying for you all as I have many friends from the American Academy of Forensic Scientists offices which are located in Colorado Springs.

rebekah davis

my prayers to those effected and who have lost their homes,properties, livestock,and to all those working and putting their lives on the line battling the wild fires.


I would gladly donate sewing time if there was a kit for a quilt for those in need…has craftsy ever done anything like this??? Carmen G


Hi Carmen,

That’s a great idea! We’ll keep it in mind here at Craftsy.

My best,

Carole van Luyt

My heart goes out to all those involved and affected by these terrible fires. I live in a bushfire zone in Sydney Australia and well understand the stomach clenching fear of seeing smoke. Volunteer firefighters and professional firefighters do a great job and face great danger every time they are called out and deserve all the praise and gratitude we can give them. To those who have lost their homes and belongings, I send my heartfelt sympathy.

Marilynne King

My husband has been a wildland firefighter for 45+ years. As familiar as we have become with fires, there is always one more devastating fire to come along. This year alone there have been more fires that Have taken our breath away and hope for the weather to change. As fire fighters know, the only saving grace is a change in weather. The fire fighters work hard at containing and controlling the fires and they accomplish a lot but as they work hard they know that they don’t really stop the fires, the weather does. Nevertheless the firefighters are heros. They put their lives at risk for others whose homes and memories go up in smoke. Hurray for the firefighters. They are the best.

Corliss Acosta

The people of Colorado and the brave men and women who are working tirelessly to fight back the fire are in my prayers.


I grew up in South Africa – I’ve seen the devastation of wildfires. It is hard to understand the intensity unless one has seen it up close. There is, however, an aspect of wildfires that is often overlooked. Yes, they cause massive destruction, loss of lives and property. But they are necessary ecologically, because there are some seeds and plants that do not regenerate unless they have been exposed to fire. And this of course, would have a knock-on effect on the local wildlife too.

My sympathy to all those affected by the fire, and I take my hat off to the volunteers who are trying to help.


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