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Craftsy Recently Returned from Maker Faire Bay Area!


Susan and Mena Trott of Sew Weekly.

Susan, the promotions and events manager here at Craftsy, recently attended Maker Faire Bay Area, and has lots of interesting information to share with us! If you want to learn more about her role at Craftsy and Craftsy’s presence at trade shows, visit this post to meet Susan. This week, I had a chance to sit down with Susan and hear all about Maker Faire Bay Area! In this chat, learn all about why Maker Faire is so great, what types of activities visitors experienced there, and whether or not Susan is ready to make her own robot now.

1. How was the show? Did you come home with any new and exciting tips?

Maker Faire is always awesome. So many creative minds in one place it can be overwhelming. It's always great to see some of the cool new ideas in science, tech and craft. We saw everything from fire breathing dragons to unique jewelry and even tesla coils used as instruments from Arc Attack. I'm a major fan of TechShop who had a few exhibits there. They are a great new brick and mortar space in a few cities including San Francisco, Detroit and soon to be many more, where you can learn how to make anything you want from professionals. It's sort of like a gym for making and creating. There's really great people behind it, so I highly recommend checking them out if you have a big idea but don't know where to start.

2. What was your favorite event at Maker Faire?

My favorite is always two places: 1) The Craft Pavilion where there are makers from all over the world teaching attendees how to do something or make a project. This is where Craftsy was located. 2) Bizarre Bazaar craft fair. This is where you can shop and purchase finished handmade goods from vendors. It's the most dangerous place in the fair because you can really break the bank. But how can you help it considering how many unique and beautiful pieces there are!

3. What did the Craftsy booth have to offer for Maker Faire attendees?  

We had two projects each day. On Saturday we had a really cute and fun stuffed robot project from Spoonflower. This was such a hit that we completely ran out of supplies the first day! There was non-stop traffic in our booth with tons of families making projects. We also had a button accessory project with an amazing selection from Blumenthal Lansing. Since we ran out of project supplies on the first day we had to re-stock at Home Depot with a new project. It was improvised but people still got creative on Sunday.

4. Speaking of trade shows, when will Craftsy be attending another one?

Well, I am headed to Bead & Button this weekend in Milwaukee to get an understanding of the jewelry world. I came from general craft and sewing so it will be a new frontier! This weekend they have a large marketplace open to the public with amazing beads, gems and more from manufacturer's. After that we will be at The National Needle Arts Association, which is a trade only show for fiber arts like knitting, crocheting, and more. You will have to stay tuned for July and August! We have plenty of events on the radar that Craftsy users can attend.

5. Finally, after attending Maker Faire do you think you'll be making any robots of your own in the near future?

Nope. I'll leave that to the pros. Unless of course they are of the sewn or crocheted variety!


The Craftsy booth covered in Spoonflower fabric.

Arc Attack performing with their famous tesla coils.



A super cute finished robot project!

Crafsy booth attendees making fun button accessories.




Love Craftsy!! Keep the top notch innovational

ideas flowing my way! Thanks!! “D

Catherine E. Wendt

These are wonderful Craftsy projects! Do you plan on having a fair in the greater Phoenix, AZ area?

Laura T Brewer

Is this fair an annual event? If so when and how do you get in?


Hi Laura!

Yes, this is an annual event in the Bay Area, but they also have Mini Maker Faires worldwide! Check out to find the event closest to you. The next Maker Faire is in New York September 29th and 30th. Hope this answers your question!


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