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Craft Wars: Let the Battle Begin!

Image from TLC

Craftsy’s fabulous Instructor Liaison Katie Puza has decided to take on a fun new feature involving TLC’s brand new show Craft Wars. Take a look at Katie’s recap of the very first episode, and make sure to keep us posted on your thoughts in the comment section!

It’s finally here. After weeks of anticipation, Craft Wars premiered last night on TLC. The show, hosted by actress/crafter Tori Spelling, pits crafters against each other for a grand prize of $10,000. Tori calls it “one of the most vicious battles ever televised.” Let’s meet the judges!

First, there’s Erica Domesek, author of the book P.S. – I made this. Next is Jo Pearson, creative director for Michaels. Finally, there is Stephen Brown, founder of Glitterville Studios.

Now that the we know the judges, it’s time to introduce our crafters: Cheryl Burchett, Traci Remley, and Christy Tomlinson. What happens next, Tori? “Rhinestones are going to roll, glitter is going to fly, and when the glue dries one of you will be made champion.” With that, Tori introduces the Pop Craft challenge.

For the Pop Craft, contestants have one hour to use mystery materials to create a specific item. The challenge this week? Make a duffle bag using afterschool activity items, like ballet shoes and footballs.

Each contestant gets a craft assistant, and we’re introduced to Traci’s father as well as Christy’s and Cheryl’s respective husbands. With that, the crafters are off! Traci decides to make a bag using a tennis racket as a ventilated bottom, Cheryl chooses to make a bowling bag, and Christy is the first crafter to make use of the Craft Closet.

Halfway through the challenge, Tori appears to tell the crafters “crafting IS about detail,” which would be great except all three crafters are running out of time. Cheryl is having sewing machine issues, Christy doesn’t think she’ll finish, and Traci decides to hot glue the tennis racket into her duffle instead of sewing it.

The hour is up, and it’s time to hear from the judges. Christy is up first. Jo thinks her bag is stylish, while Erica thinks it’s too much. Traci is called out by Stephen on hot gluing the tennis racket.  Finally, Cheryl presents her half-finished duffle. Traci is sent home while Cheryl and Christy go on to the Master Craft Challenge.

To introduce the Master Craft Challenge, Tori tells the remaining crafters they have five hours to build a playhouse featuring school supplies. Each crafter has their assistant and a team of four helpers.

Christy decides to build a playhouse that looks like a school bus, while Cheryl decides her playhouse will resemble a schoolhouse. Christy’s team starts strong, and their playhouse quickly comes together. Cheryl’s playhouse is in pieces at this point, and is best described by Cheryl’s husband: “See that? [points to competitor] That’s good. See this? [points to own house] This is not good.”

A few minutes later, Cheryl’s playhouse magically comes together. The two crafters are neck and neck, with Cheryl adding details like shutters made from rulers, window boxes decorated with pencils, and a composition notebook-tiled roof. Christy’s decoupage bus is all over the place but filled with activities for kids, from an apple-shaped cork board to chalkboard-paint walls. Time is up, and it is time to face the judges.

All three judges agree that Cheryl’s schoolhouse is high on style but low on substance. Christy’s school bus has the opposite problem – kids will find it fun, but the multi-patterned decoupage throughout the bus is distracting. After a short judging session, Cheryl is declared the winner of Craft Wars for her style and attention to details, and Christy is sent packing.

Did you see this episode last night? What do you think? Who was your favorite crafter?



Christy’s designs were too busy. The male judge is such a jerk. I dint know if they’re purposely doing that for “drama,” but it just comes off as rude. I almost turned it off when I found out that Tori was the host. The Deatmatch crafting show from years ago was way better.


Knowing Tory was hosting this show was a turn off. She’s prob. a great person, but not my cup of tea. I love the idea of a craft competition and hope this stays on the air.


I watched while I was crocheting! I like the idea of the show and was drooling over all the materials the contestants have access too! It’s high energy and has potential.
For me the element that doesn’t work is Tori Spelling. With all the amazing crafters out there I wonder why they chose her?


I watched the show and was very disappointed. It was hard to connect with any of the crafters – it seemed very disjointed.

I would have also thought with Michael’s sponsoring the show they would use it as an opportunity to showcase their products to inspire we the audience to want to buy them – instead they chose sports equipment and lumber – which they don’t even sell.

I would have preferred a format with more crafters, more simple challenges and just the crafters showcasing their talent – not with a sidekick and then given a team of helpers to direct – it isn’t like their leadership ability to direct a team is (or should) being judged. Most people at home craft on their own and that is their target audience.


Yeah, I wrote a whole post about it on my blog. It bugs me that Tori Spelling is now a DIY guru in general. Especially since I read so many craft blogs with so many amazing crafty people. To me, they might as well have put Paris Hilton on there because I put Tori Spelling in that same category – someone who’s famous for no other reason than being a rich Beverly Hills girl. The only diffence is that Tori decided to jump on the DIY bandwagon and “wrote” a book. I also thought the judges were kinda mean – especiall the girl from PS – I made this. And the challenges were (thumbs down). I thought the contestants were amazing, though. One thing’s for sure – I couldn’t have done one single thing they did. I think I would have stroked out when the sporting equipment came out.

Allison Travers

If Cherly had filled those cute backpacks, and maybe a couple more, with some of the school supplies, then the inside of the school house would have been “active”. Have adults change the backpack contents regularly for surprised, happy kids.


This show is SOOOO awful. I would bet a lot of money it gets cancelled very soon. Tori Spelling is so unnatural as a host, the judges are not impressive, the challenges were lame, and the results were unimpressive. Plus, did anyone notice how a lot of the judges comments were edited in after filming? That bothers me.

I looooveee crafting but hateee this show.


I watched last night; I agree it was awful. I would love this type of show if it was more like Project Runway (which begins tonight) where you see a variety of crafters grow over a period of time to become the next big crafter to watch.


I’m so disappointed in the show. I so wanted to love it. First they use a tired formula. Three judges, with a cranky one on the end. I will be so glad when the trend in broadcast TV stops glorifying rude behavior. Tori is a miss. She is boring. A show like this needs quirky. Yawn.


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