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Congratulations to the latest Craftsy contest winners!

Announcing all winners!

We've had quite a few fun giveaways and contests since the last time we did a roundup of winners. We wanted to announce those lucky folks who've won Mystery Boxes and free classes recently. If you weren't a winner, don't worry! We'll have plenty more contests coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to win. Without further adieu, here are recent winners:

$100 Fabric Mystery Box & Craftsy T-shirt winners:

  • Erika F. of Sulphur, Louisiana
  • Anne P. of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Sandra C. of Elsie, Michigan
  • Landa C. of Midlothian, Virginia

$100 Yarn Mystery Box & Craftsy T-shirt winners:

  • Jenni R. of North Hills, California

$75 Fabric Mystery Box & Craftsy T-shirt winners:

  • Leora M. of Chardon, Ohio
  • Michell B. of Dubuque, Iowa
  • Carrie M. of Senatobia, Mississippi
  • Machelle S. of Oil City, Pennsylvania
  • Karon H. of Enderby, B.C., Canada
  • Debbie B. of Cleveland, Oklahoma

$50 Yarn Mystery Box & Craftsy T-shirt winners:

  • Carol S. of Tacoma, Washington
  • Margie W. of Elkland, Pennsylvania
  • Roberta B. of Roseville, Michigan
  • Kathy M. of St. Louis, Missouri
  • Kathy F. of Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Amelia I. of Tavares, Florida

And while we don't have names to publish for free classes, congratulations to the 5 choose-your-own class winners, 5 winners of Decadent Chocolate Cakes, 5 winners of Artisan Cheese Making, 5 winners of Hand-Cut Dovetails, 5 winners of Family Scrapbooking and 10 winners of Knit Sock Workshop.




Diane Addams

I was wondering if in the future we could have a mystery box that contained crocheting material…I’ve gotten so many knitting needles of the same size (maybe you could include smaller gauge knitting needles if you must include them in the box) or maybe other items instead of the needles…just a suggestion.

From one who knits but also crotchets.


Hi Diane,

Thank you for supporting Craftsy. At this time we don’t have a Crochet Mystery Box, but we value your suggestion! Hopefully this will be an option in the future. Your feedback is important to us so that we can work on improving the Craftsy experience for every member. I have passed your suggestion along to the appropriate Craftsy team. Thank you.


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