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Closed Captioning Now Available for 13 Craftsy Classes

We're always looking for feedback from Craftsy members to help us improve the site, learning platform, features and offerings. After all, we built this for you! Within a few weeks of launching our first round of online classes about 18 months ago through today, we've received quite a few requests for Closed Captioning for classes.

It took us some time to find the right technology solutions while also also ensuring Closed Captioning would be a fluid, helpful and intuitive feature to make the class experience that much better. After many months of development and testing, we're extremely happy to announce Closed Captioning is now available for 13 Craftsy classes!

Craftsy classes available with Closed Captioning:

What's particularly neat about this update is that there are now features useful for all Craftsy users, including the ability to search class lessons by any word, phrase or subject you may want to find within the class!

Let's take a quick tour of how to make the most of Closed Captioning on Craftsy.

First, to launch Closed Captioning, click the "CC" box you see in the photo above in the red box. This will appear below the area to take a video note if Closed Captioning is available for a given class.

Once you click the "CC" button to launch Closed Captioning, you'll see a transcript of the video load. This is where the fun starts! As your instructor speaks, you'll see the text your instructor is speaking highlighted in the transcript. You can click any section of the text to skip forward or back in the video and watch that line in context. You can toggle AutoScroll in the top-right of this area, or increase and decrease the font size in the top-left.

If you have a question or can't find the section of the class you're looking for, try using the video search in the very top-right of your screen where you see a box, "Search this class." Type what you're looking for, click "Go" and you'll see a list of results where that question, phrase or keyword appears in the class.

From these search results, you can click the clip that's most relevant to what you're looking for. This is a handy tool to use for all users, so we encourage you to give it a try and let us know what you think!

Stay tuned as we're getting ready to release an additional set of classes, more than doubling the number of classes we'll have with Closed Captioning and video search!



I love reading the Craftsy blog and all the great things you are doing to improve the site and add to the whole Craftsy experience for your followers! Keep up the good work!



Thank you!


Such a grate tool!!! Love it….

Suzanne Babich

About time for closed captioning and did requested while ago; so am very thrilled and will sign up for those closed captioning. Thank you for that!!!


Ugh! I couldn’t believe in my own eyes that u finally put captioned in videos. I can’t wait to tell my friends about it. Thank u so much.

Cheri Huskey

Thank you for inclucing the cc. I went totally deaf 18 months ago, due to an illness and have missed out on classes. Now, I too can enjoy them!,


Oh I am so glad. Before I never ordered any of these videos because I cannot hear very well. Now I can get these videos.


As English is not my first language, I appreciate this new feature, although I must say that the teachers speak very clearly and I can understand almost everything (I’m in 7 classes, with 5 different teachers). The Crafsty classes are very interesting.


Wow, that is great. I am deaf so that would be so helpful. I am self-taught quilter and now learning to sew clothes so the videos would come in handy!


Is there a way to view the online classes “off line”. I am travelling quite a lot at the moment but do not always have access to the internet. I would still like to view my online classes.


Unfortunately you cannot save or download any Craftsy classes because they’re several hours long and the files would be massive. You do however get access from any computer or mobile device with high-speed internet simply by logging in at:

Rebecca Mc

Fantastic! I did not know about this until today when I decided to do a search for closed captioning. I am another deaf quilter & have been having trouble following the Free class “The Craftsy Block of the Month”. Many people suggested that I ask about if closed captioning could be done for the video. I never thought it would be due to it being a free class.
So I guess, my question is would it be something you will look at doing? Adding Closed captioning to this particular Free class? ๐Ÿ™‚ Would be much appreciated. It might help me get past my phobia of cutting my fabric if i’m positive I know what i’m doing too ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol


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