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Carol Feller: Scrumptious designer of Scrumptious Knits

Carol Feller, knitwear designer, author of Contemporary Irish Knits, and upcoming Craftsy Instructor stopped by today to tell us all about the design process for her recent Scrumptious Knits pattern collection.  I love hearing how these gorgeous knits came into being, and you will, too!

Read on to learn more about Carol's creative process and to win a PDF copy of the book for yourself!

Carol Says: For me, creating a collection of patterns is a very organic process.  When I began working on the Scrumptious Knits book, I did not start out with a fully formed theme in mind.  However, as I began sketching and fitting various design ideas together with the yarns, the concept for the collection quickly began to take shape.  The smooth, shimmering qualities of the silk really dominated my design process and the general aesthetic of the collection.   I wanted to create a sleek, elegant collection that showed both the stitches and the yarn to their full advantage.

In all of the designs I wanted to keep the lines clean, accented with single, visually striking details.  Below, I give you a little overview of each design, and how I envisioned it.


Ignus (in photo above) is a top down cowled tunic with the body knit in stockinette stitch. However, the body is complemented by side panels of ribbing which have a cable pattern running through them.  The large cowl neck really creates the finishing touch for the tunic and balances out the length.

Bakersville is a hooded cardigan in sports weight yarn with diagonal ribbing as the primary design feature.  I designed this hoodie to be a very wearable piece for those in-between seasons.  Personally, it’s probably the piece I’d get the most use out of (I’ve even knit a second one to use myself!)  The construction method used for this cardigan, top down with seamless set in sleeves, is also one of my favourites.

The third garment in this collection is Taupo.  Several years ago I designed a vest with the same basic construction techniques used here.  It begins with a provisional cast on at the center of the back, then short rows are worked to create a-line shaped hips and finally short rows shape the capped sleeves.  It’s an amazing top to knit if you want to learn or improve your short rows technique, and the finished piece is really flattering for many different body types.  I’ve added some subtle pattern details to this vest, using Trinity Stitch, which really emphasises the short row shaping.

The remaining pieces in this collection are all accessories.  The Haruna hat and glove set are all about the subtle, simple details.  The hat is a flapper style hat that uses short rows (yes again!) and gathers on one side to create an asymmetric brim.  The garter brim is continued up along the side of the hat with some fun faux bobble ‘buttons’ running up it.  The gloves were created to complete the set with the same wrist gather and bobble ‘buttons’ up the side.  The simple details combined with a single point of visual emphasis works really well with a yarn that can shine in its own right.

The final two accessories are the Flama shawl and the Vesuvius cowl.  The shawl is a rectangular shawl worked with a garter stitch base.  The central lace section is decreased as you work until you reach the top.  I’ve shown some subtle beading details at the edge that give extra sparkle and weight to the piece.  The final accessory, Vesuvius, is a simple loosely knit cowl.  It is perfect for modifying just by increasing or decreasing the number of repeats.  Thanks to the super softness of the yarn it is a complete dream to wear!

SO! Wouldn't you love to win a copy of Carol's new pattern collection?  All you have to do is be a craftsy member and comment below, telling us which is your favorite of these patterns and why.

The winner will be chosen next week by random number generator.



I love the Bakersville Hoodie.


My favorite is the Taupo, it looks like a casual and flattering vest that I can wear every day.


I would probably wear the Bakersville Hoodie every day! That’s so my style (comfortable!), plus I LOVE Carol Fellers patterns.


i like the Haruna hat. the design element reminds me of a dragonfly…


I would love to make all of Carol Feller’s patterns.. but the Bakersville hooded cardigan would be my must-keep-for-myself item.


Love the cute hoodie and that it’s top down is just perfect!


I was expecting Carol to teach on Craftsy, I love her designs, my favourite one of the mentioned above is Taupo, very elegant and beautiful! It might be one of my next projects.


The Ignus is lovely. I love the clean lines, the cable detail, and such a striking colour!

starr campbell

It’s tough to decide which is my favorite, but I think I’ve settled on the Haruna Hat & Gloves. What unique detailing… I adore it! I really like the style of the Bakersfirld Hoodie as well, though. Fabulous collection!


Oh my goodness, I love them all! Ignus & Bakersville will definitely have to be added to my to-do list…good excuse for more yarn shopping too! I’m always looking for nice fall in-between weather tops that are nice enough for work or play and I think these will fit the bill nicely! Hope I win 🙂


So hard to pick my first favorite of these, I love them all! But the Bakersville Hoodie just barely edges out Taupo as my favorite, but I’m sure I’ll make both, probably at the same time! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Christina Drummond

I particularly like the Haruna hat and glove set – partly because they are so stylish, and partly because they are in my favourite colour! I also really like the blue sweater on the cover.

Tami H.

Bakersville is my favorite ! All our just beautiful & lovely. Thanks for the change to win ! Good luck to all.


I love the Bakersville Hoodie!!


Love the Taupo vest, although everything is gorgeous!


I love love love the Bakersfield hoodie, but would probably get more use out of the Taupo cardi.


Ignus. I like the cowl neck and the side panel patterning.


I really like the last two accessories, the Flama shawl and the Vesuvius cowl.


I LOVE the Bakersville Hoodie the most, but I had a hard time picking just one! The Taupo Cardigan is gorgeous too, and is one I would definitely want to make too, as well as all the accessories! What a beautiful collection!


I’m torn between the Taupo cardigan and the Vesuvius vowl. I think I need to make both ;->


I love the hat and glove set because they are so cute and smart 🙂 would love to make them for this winter!

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau

Absolutely love this collection!

Clara Anderson

My favorite is also the Bakersville. I have needed a hoodie for a long time but have not found one that was long enough or cute enough. This is perfect and I can make it just the right size. I love knitting!


Ignus and Bakersville are my favorites! Ignus for the seemingly slimming effect of the vertical lines and Bakersville for the everyday use it would get as part of my wardrobe! All are lovely designs and knitting goals to look forward to. I am a beginner and loving learning to knit with Craftsy.

Mary Pat

I love the Taupo Cardigan. It is knit top down with short sleeves. I live in the south, and it would be perfect for late fall or early spring.


bakersville cardigan is fantastic. taupo as well.


I like Ignus the best. The isolated cable motif placed at the sleeve cuff and turtleneck really make the design stand out. Love it!

LaKetta Casey

I like all of the designs. I would choose the Flama Garter and Lace Shawl. I’m so into lace knitting, and this is the answer to some mohair yarn in my stash.


I love the Taupo Cardigan. It is always cold in the office and this would be perfect.

Carol Frederick

The Bakersvile hoodie. I like the diagonal ribbing and top down design.

Kathy Williams

Just one? I want to make them all! I love the diagonal ribbing on the Bakersville (plus the top down method), the “gathers” on the Haruna hat and gloves, the subtle cables on Ignus, the shaping of the Taupo vest, the lace in the Flama shawl and the look of the loosely-knit Vesuvius! How much do we love Craftsy!

Dana Kolaczek

Bakersvile project is the best for me. The shape this design with hoodie is fantastic .


Bakersville Hoodie! My eye is drawn to the lines and lovely shaping in this pattern. It is unique and interesting. Just love it!


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