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Update: Quilted Hugs from Maddie

Back in March, we featured a story about an amazing seven-year old quilter named Maddie (click here to read the original story). Maddie has been learning to quilt with her grandmother Nancy, who signed up for Wendy Butler Berns' class Machine Quilting: Free Motion & More last fall. Nancy soon signed up for more than half a dozen Craftsy quilting classes and when Maddie showed an interest over the winter, she was able to use these classes to help introduce Maddie to the world of quilting. Maddie hasn't looked back...

A little girl with a big heart, Maddie wanted to use her new quilting skills to help people in need.  Nancy sent us a photo of Maddie's first finished quilt project, describing Maddie's quickly-developing skills and desire to help others. Without the means or fabric to do this on their own, we reached out to you, the Craftsy community for your donations and support. Your response was overwhelming and resulted in 120 boxes of donated fabric, along with two full quilts (pictured above: center and right)!

Maddie completed her first quilt with your donated fabric which you can see in the photo above (it's the yellow-bordered quilt on the left). Together with the quilts you donated, three children who lost their home in a fire now have quilts to keep them warm!

Nancy and Maddie wanted us to extend a HUGE "Thank You!" to the Craftsy community for your generosity and support. If you'd like to follow Maddie's progress and future donations, you can "Like" her Facebook page here: Quilted Hugs from Maddie.


nannie caudill

dear maddie you are a very special girl with a good heart and a lot of love for thoses who need a warm quilt if theres something i can do to help you i will if at all possible the world needs more like you from nannie i also love quilting i usally make 2 or 3 quilts each winter

you are a special little girl


Yay for Maddie!!! Very proud of you and your quilt is so lovely!!!


What a lovely gesture for you to make Maddie. Your grandmother & parents must be very proud of you.


What a “big” heart for such a “little girl”!


I couldn’t be more proud of you, Maddie. I love you SO much, Sweetie. Can’t wait till I can get up there again to watch you quilt on your new “Dizzy Lizzie”.


Congrats Maddie & Grandmother! Fine job & big heart. If y’all need more material, Please let me know b/c last nite b/f seeing this post I was wondering who to give some to. Lord Bless ur efforts

Donna Cook

Maddie, Your quilts a beautiful. I only wish that I could touch them. That’s half of what a quilt’s about. With the cheerful colors, the gentle touch and the love you put into each one I am sure that they will have a long, appreciated, loved, life. Well Done!

franny morris

It’s great inspiration that Maddie is going to raise the profile of craft for her generation and maybe we need to find more young talent to support. I strongly feel any of us who are older who have a skill, no matter how basic – have a duty to try and inspire/encourage our children to give it a go.
This isn’t a rant but I am becoming increasingly worried by how withdrawn my own teenagers can get with facebook and telly on a loop etc. My older children aren’t interested in me teaching them how to knit but my 8 year old can – she’s proud of herself and gets attention because she talks to people about it and shows them what she’s done. I’m hoping the older ones get jealous of the positive regard she gets – they are VERY competitive so it may work!


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