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Six Questions with Vanessa Christenson

We are so excited to announce a brand new feature here on the Craftsy blog: Six Questions! In this feature, we sit down with a Craftsy instructor and ask them six questions to get to know them a little better. We'll put a new one up every week, so make sure to keep checking back!

First up is Vanessa Christenson, instructor of the online Craftsy class, Sewing Texture.

Above: Vanessa Christenson, happy on her machine.

In this chat, we learn all about Vanessa's biggest sewing disaster (which still kind of haunts her), how she feels about her pets, what inspires her, and more. Thanks for playing along, Vanessa! And to all of you readers, check out the interview, then check out her awesome online, interactive Craftsy class, Sewing Texture!

What was your first sewing/quilting project?
Well I tried hand sewing a purse in high school because I didn’t have access to a sewing machine. That was a horrible experience---one that made me not want to try that again. Then around eight years later I sewed my first pillow cover. I was smitten that I could make something as easy as a pillow cover and start the transformation of a room with just that little bit of fabric. My first quilting project was a rag quilt around six months later, and made from my first pillow project.

What are your three desert island sewing/quilting supplies?
Hmmm, well assuming that all the basics would be there already (i.e. sewing machine, food, fabric, water, needles, etc.), I would need a pinking blade (for the rotary cutter, an essential when doing a lot of texture like projects), some lightweight interfacing (for applique; I’m loving the applique, too) and always an extra stash of dark chocolate. (No need to explain that one…I just really like chocolate.)

What item has been in your stash the longest?
I have some vintage fabric that I found at a thrift store with the date “1954” on it. I don’t think I can ever cut into it. It’s beautiful and would make a gorgeous skirt or dress for a little girl…but I just can’t do it!

Cat person, dog person, or do pets just interfere with your sewing/quilting time?
I don’t think I’m either. To me they are hairy and messy, and if it were up to me, we probably wouldn’t have any pets. But, we have both a cat and a dog, and the joy they bring to my husband and kids makes that all okay. So I may say I’m neither, yet I find myself walking and talking to the 90-pound dog every morning on our four-mile walk, and I treat the dumb cat like a princess.

What was your biggest sewing/quilting disaster?
Remember that purse I said I tried to sew by hand in high school? Yeah that one. It made me doubt and fear that I couldn’t sew for over eight years, and sometimes it still haunts me. But I think I’m, for the most part, over it.

In 10 words or less, what inspires you?
Designs on the runways (old and new). And nature.



Looks interesting


This is a fun feature. Love this site.

DeLee Craig

Hey, I enjoyed reading about Vanessa’s experiences with life and sewing. We have all had are stories for those bad times, but never gave up with the outcome. That is what kept me going forward and now sewing is what I enjoy most. Have so many projects in mind to do and my life time will expire before all is accomplished. Love to learn knew and exciting techniques and these on -line classes are a great inspiration. I love that we can always return to the class to refresh on something from the video that has been forgot or overlooked. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND THE SHARING OF YOUR SEWING !!!

Ann Isip

I really like this feature and am looking forward to the next interview. It helps to see how I can relate to these creative sewists.


It’s fun to hear how a crafter first started out and to help those that have a fear of ‘just starting’ to just r e l a x. It’ not like the craft police are going to knock on your door and arrest you for goodness sake. lol One point I’d like to make is that when you interview other Craftsy instructors that you emphasize a desert island means ‘deserted’, because we would like to know what items would be on their most-wanted list. : )


Great interview and thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to starting your class on textures. Happy sewing & crafting. ;D D.D.


Love Craftsy, all ideas and similar minded ladies with joy in creating!! I am early 80s and just learning to quilt. Thanks Amy, you make it so easy! It is very therapeutic & fun.


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