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Maker Faire Bay Area is almost here, and you can bet Craftsy will be representing

On May 19 and 20, makers, craft enthusiasts, and lifetime do-it-yourselfers will gather in the Bay Area to showcase their work, embrace the do-it-together spirit, and help each other create. Maker Faire features innovation and experimentation through projects across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance, and (of course) craft. Craftsy will have a booth at the event to help attendees as they make their own unique craft projects.

Maker Faire is all about gathering inquisitive people who enjoy learning together to help each other build fascinating, mesmerizing, and interesting projects. This is an event that truly explores new creative forms and technologies. It's no wonder that the curious people here at Craftsy wanted to attend! Maker Faire has a huge focus on community (something that we can definitely relate to). It is an event that gets people together to make something totally new, and totally special. We pride ourselves on our Craftsy community, which is why we so love the same community-oriented thinking that Maker Faire exudes.

As an exclusive Craftsy contest, we're currently giving away 30 free tickets! Click here to enter now for a chance to win a free ticket to Maker Faire Bay Area.

And make sure to keep an eye out for those curious Craftsy members who will be making innovative projects and soaking up the creative vibes all weekend long.


Hand Made Knitwear by Creative Design

Oh, I am SO jealous! What a great event THAT must be and right up Craftsy’s alley! An explosion of science, art, crafts and technology! I get goosies just thinking about it! I hope you post a blog about the Craftsy experience when you get back!



Being a Californian, I am assuming that “the Bay Area” means San Franciso and surrounding towns. Am I right?


Yes, Alice, you are right!



OH, how i envy you. I live in the midwest and would love to come. Have never been to CA and i love to craft! Have fun all!


I am from the Oakland-SanFran Bay Area and would love to go to the Faire It sounds like alot of fun and very interesting. Will it be heldn Oakland or San Fran or where?


Hi Carolyn,

Maker Faire Bay Area is held at the San Mateo Event Center in San Mateo, CA. Enter now for the chance to win a free ticket!


Thank you for this opportunity!! I am an aspiring crafter who happens to live in the bay area. 🙂 Not as nice as San Fran, but I am near by.

Jeannie Drew

I live in the Napa Valley, and had never heard of this fair before. I certainly hope to be able to attend, and take my daughter and mom along. I havn’t been able to attend any kind of arts and crafts shows locally due to my husbands poor health and sudden death at the end of December, 2011, and would enjoy the chance to get out and enjoy being around other people who enjoy any kinds of arts and crafts.

chinmay das

hi i am from india. thats and. i am ready

Leslie Pellegrini

I have always been curious about this event and would love, love, love, to GO~~~~~~!! I’ll think only good thoughts~!

Melissa Conley

I hadn’t heard of this event until now. I would love, love, love to go.!!!

Bonnie Hotz

any chance you have any more Makers Faire tickets? My two 13 year old daughters would LOVE to attend on Sunday – we are gleaning for the hungry on Saturday.

Thank yOU!


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