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Hunger Games? More like CRAFTING Games!

Image from "The Hunger Games" released by Lionsgate. Photo credit: AP

This week we would like to celebrate the new latest and greatest trend in both literature and film, The Hunger Games. Whether you’ve read it, seen it, both, or neither, we have a feeling you’ll want to chime in on this Hunger Games inspired craft question, and we are so eager to hear your creative answers!

First, a bit of background for the uninitiated (if you know about this book/movie, you can skip to the next paragraph): The Hunger Games is set in the not-so-distant future, in a country called Panem, which is present-day North America.  The Hunger Games are an annual event where each “district” sends one girl and one boy from the ages of 12 to 18 to compete on national television. There can only be one winner. Those chosen to compete are called “tributes.” Katniss Everdeen, the narrator and heroine, is a tribute who competes in the games in place of her younger sister.

Now here’s the part we’re really interested in: skills. Each tribute brings a set of specific skills to the arena when they compete in the Hunger Games. Katniss’ survival skill is her amazing archery talent, which gives her an advantage when it comes to hunting and improves her success in the Games.

Let’s imagine that you are a tribute in this year’s Hunger Games and you need to choose a craft skill to bring to the arena. What would be your best asset? Would it be your dynamic quilting so you could make a tent for shelter? What about your excellent knitting so you could create a net for hunting and trapping? We want to know!

So if you’re not out at the movies, leave us a comment and tell us about your super special survival crafting skills! (Let’s keep it clean everyone, no politics, no violence. Remember this is all in good fun. We’re just looking for some creative ideas!)



In that situation where I would constantly be on the move and looking for places to remain out of the target zone of the other players, I guess the skill I would bring would be my knowledge of the humble hand sewing needle. Although a sewing needle is small they come in a huge variety of sizes. This allows for the possibility of caring a large number of needles with out adding too much weight. For hunting they can either be embedded in the end of a green stick and used either in a blow gun or as a spear tip. Although for a spear tip I’d use several tapestry needles, much sturdier and the sharp ones would have a better success rate of piercing any skin or hide.
A sewing needle can be used to make netting, do sewing with longer pieces of grass or thin strips of bark. They can be used to remove splinters or sew a wound shut.


Definitely crocheting and knitting skills. I can use just my hands to create rope and snares for weapons, and weave vines/leaves together for shelter!

Jessica Spaulding

As a tatter I’d be making very strong nets for traps. They’d be great for catching fish for survival as well.


My garment sewing skills would come in handy as a Capital assistant to Cinna. I would be sure to design and create the most dazzling costume for Katniss that would be sure to win the hearts of all Panem.

Mary Grieder

I would feel very confident in all of my skills during the games…I can paint and draw, so I would be able to camouflage myself so I would blend into the surroundings, I can sew anything, so I would be able to make shelter, as well as various necessities to aid in my survival (think baskets, bowls, clothing, etc.), my macrame skills would come in handy for making ropes, and I am a nurse, so I would have an advantage in treating any illness or injury I might suffer.


As a quilter, oh, the things I can do with and needle and thread. Set snares for catching food, capture competitors in webs done in thread matching the forest background so it’s invisible, sewing up injuries (my own or others to build alliances), bending the needle into a hook and making myself a fishing pole….


My quilting skills will be of most value. Quilting has probably 20 different skills within. Sewing a basic skill which does not have to be confined to needle and cloth. But the planning and strategy and tactics of completing a quilt are skills that would easily serve me in a natural setting.


I would probably be waiting at the sidelines with food for the contestants. I can grow anything and everything they would need to eat, and could make cookies and lemonade for after the events. I would have napkins and tablecloths that match, of course, from my sewing skills, and would have quilts for them to lie down on, tired from their efforts, while they enjoy a few minutes break. I could always photograph them and make a special scrapbook page for each of their pics, and provide them with a personalized appliqued tote to carry all their gear. I guess I’d be a one-stop location for their needs and memorabilia. MaMaKat’s Corner is open for business!!

Sharon Cowan

I have a multitude of crafting skills which could all come in handy in the Hunger Games, knitting for making clothes, crochet for making nets and snares, hand sewing (and a vast array of needles) would have many uses. However, I think my most useful skill is a very natural creative mind which can find numerous artistic uses for the most mundane everyday items. Anyone need a tote woven from old pastic bags or a small bag from Capri Sun containers?

Kathy Averill

Weapons of destruction? My knitting needles! I hate to think of them as such, but in the context of the Games I would need all the self defense I could muster. Hopefully I kept the aluminum ones as the bamboo might not be adequate. I would probably try to sharpen them up a bit on a rock, and hope that Thresher would be my ally and able to provide the muscle needed….as I’m not sure I could engage in close needle to needle combat.


My drawing skills would allow me to make maps to keep track of the terrain and the traps. Although I can also knit, crochet, and sew I do not think I could parlay those skills into anything useful in the arena. btw, I am at the end of the audio book “Mockingjay.” I just loved these books, especially having them read to me while drawing or knitting. I am really stretching out this last one to make it last!

P.S. Whenever I want to point out a mockingbird at our feeder to my husband I always say mockingjay and have to correct myself! I just love some of the made of words in the book–like tracker jacker!


I feel my contribution as an expert frogger is essential – I can undo anything – a snare,
a trap, camouflaged areas – a bomb even ( I am sure there has been many of those in my
knitting) so if I can add that to my knitting expertise – I will survive


I would love to create an outfit for little Rue. And when Katniss returned home a quilt would ve waiting for her with a design of her and rue filled with sunflowers snd the mocking jays or even the pin logo!


I think My knitting would be very useful for many things such as making nets for trapping, clothing to stay warm, and cover. The metal knitting needles can also become some kind of weapon if necessary WHA!. It is so funny to think of our crafty skills as survival skills!


I am a very good cook and have a good number of crafting skills. I am a garment sewer and quilter. I can crochet almost anything and am good about creating my own designs and projects from crochet. I am skilled in pattern design and making items without a pattern. I would be able to repair clothing, snares, nets and keep people fed. I’m also a gardener.


I’ve read the first book and I’m going to see the movie today and I love them! I think my super special survival crafting skills would be I can make anything out of fabric. Give me three yards of fabric and I can make anything from a coat to a tent. So I think I would stay pretty worm and dry. ^-^


I think my knitting, crocheting and bracelet making skills would serve me best in the arena. I have very nimble fingers and can make almost anything out of a length of string or even wire. I would be able to make snares, nets and perhaps even a bow or two with relatively small amounts of material. Not to mention that a specially sharpened knitting needle could prove to be a formidable defensive weapon.


Gosh, I knit, crochet, sew, bake, cook, garden. I’m also good at camping, I think. It’s been years (30 or more) so I would have to brush up on that skill. I’m very versatile and the adjective most people use for me is “nice”. I could use that to get ahead as people think nice means innocent. Ha!


Knitting would be my best survival skill. Of course knitting nets to either catch the other tributes or food is the main advantage you think of, but remember most of the tributes die of exposure. So being able to knit a hat, mittens or a scarf (or the extra pair of socks my husband swore by in the army) would be a great advantage and the difference between life and death.
And remember- May the odds be ever in your favor.

Cheryl Carter

Actually, I think this contest is a bit inappropriate, given that the movie and books are about teens being forced to fight to the death in a despotic political system. If I had to choose a skill, I would choose a crafter’s (not mine, but others’) ability to organize fellow crafters around a cause (ex: prayer blankets, caps for premature babies, church fundraisers). I would then organize a rebellion starting with my fellow tributes and put an end to the Hunger Games once and for all!

Sunnee R

That’s why you need to read all three books. Spoiler alert! What do you think may come to pass? Dystopia is something we all try to cure in our own way. You are not far off. In both the book and the movie you can observe that the people are not just foolishly “playing” the games, but are forced. Knowing human nature, as I am sure you do, what do you think happens next? I am saving the last book until after the next movie, even if it is difficult.
I would make a mockingjay pin with magical “Harry Potter” style abilities, after all it IS fiction, and fantasy at that, isn’t it?


Thanks for playing along! As I said in the post, we intended this to be in good fun—a new way of talking about crafts with regards to a major blockbuster movie (and book). I think your idea is one of the best and most creative yet. After all, we didn’t say the crafts would have to be used to perpetuate the Hunger Games. By all means, you could use yours to stop them, too! Thanks again for playing along and posting your thoughts.


I think I would combine my plant knowledge with my crafting, trapping, and scouting knowledge and make survival an ART! Plants can be used for food, poisons, paint and medicines. Weaving skills can be used to make beds, nets, and mats. I can trap animals for food and quilt their pelts into blankets and clothes -I already know how to make Muskrat mittens, so how hard can it be!?!


At first I was appalled that my 7th graders was asked to read the 1st book for school, but after having a discussion with her about the violence and death in the book compared to reality and our values, I gave her my blessings and she dove into the whole series AND the movie!! I was glad she was motivated to read and compare the directors’ (which included Suzanne Collin’s) perceptions. I was inspired by Peeta’s ability to use cake decorating as camoflouge. That was an amazing crafting talent that I share a small degree of as well. Mostly I would be able to sew up the same kind of “invisible wear” with cloth, needle, and thread. I could even accessorize with some handmade jewelry but I’m not sure how helpful that would be. LOL

Jean A Williams

I enjoy many types of crafting and nearly always want to try new ones. My special talent is more as a “Macgyver” talent. I can use different crafty skills to sew: pine needles through leaves; spider webs, dandelion fluff, grasses woven into blankets, covers, “rope” for snares. I would know about using various plants to dye skin and fabrics for camouflage. How about using the sticky resin from pine trees as glue or maybe even a trap to catch food? The resin could also be used as waterproofing. OK, you can see how much I enjoy my playing and crafting!

Happy Jay

As an archer takes her tools/supplies, so I would craft a body-portable supply bag of rain proof material and include materials to make bullet/arrow proof vest, head bonnet with mask and maybe even a snake resistant pant, including 100 long thick heavy needles (I have some upwards of 5-6 inches, material for rain proof camoflauge, rolls of insulation, thick rope-like threads, multi duty scissors (also cuts cans, etc), Super Max Xacto knife, steel ruler, sand paper, itty bitty book light with cover, a kindle downloaded with multiple survival guides and patterns for creating traps. I would locate myself up in a tree with traps all around it, sewing a mat of upward needs at the bottom of the pit, covered with branches and camoflauge cover. I would use the long thick needles to also fashion a posonous dart and tie one for a long spear and with my string rope and branch make a bow, coupled with arrows made with other needles. I would then sew a pouch that would hold them on my body ready to grab and fire at any time. I would hope to locate in a tree that produced nuts or fruit and tie on my body another pouchy or packet to hold food supplies and drank. A journey type pattern would be good to sew the camoflauge (bullet proof) vest so that I could carry everything I need on my body to stay portable and agile, being careful to locate items in balance and streamlined. I would also fashion a camoflauged type umbrella headgear that would get me through a night in the tree. not to mention including first aid supplies in one of my vest pouches as well as pepper spray for animal protection (Animal muzzle spray). I would pray for guidance and direction but probably keep my eyes open while I did…! Ha!


I have a solid set of country girl wilderness skills that includes fishing and gathering herbs. I’ve got some good first aid skills and know some herbal remedies. Though I can crochet and garden, those skills alone wouldn’t be what would save me. If anything were to save me in the wild it would be my willingness to listen to my instincts. They’ve always been good at helping me spot a dangerous situation and avoid harm. Hopefully, I could pair those instincts with my woodlore, crocheting and gardening skills to set some really wicked traps. Katniss and Rue are my favorite characters, but I’m more of a Foxface type.


I’d crochet a lovely bag with a waterproof lining that would hold an e-reader filled with all of my favorite books. Unfortunately, I lack Klaus Baudelaire’s photographic memory so I’d have to rely on technology for my resource library on the go. I’d whip up something that smelled heavenly with a name a bit more refined than pasta puttanesca.

Lucy Tarangelo

Knitting. I make a mean I chord which would come in handy. Also Lacy knitting would be great for catching fish or small animals.


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