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A Craftsy User Seeks A Ballet Top Knitting Pattern!

A Craftsy user wrote in with a very interesting question. She’s looking for a pattern. What kind? Let’s let her explain:

My 6 year old granddaughter has started ballet lessons and wants me to knit her a top to go with her tutu.  I have searched the local shops and the internet but have not been able to come up with a pattern. Can anyone help? The nearest I have found is for a kimono but she wants one with the wrap round ties.

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Try knitting her a shrug! There are lots of great, free patterns on


Check out sweater wizard software and make your own to her dimensions and preferences. I rarely use other people’s patterns unless they contain some new techniques I want to try. Great stuff and very flexible and intuitive. Just Google Sweaterwizard.


Knitting Pure & Simple (Diane Soucy) has a really cute pattern for this exact thing. My friend is knitting one and it very cute, quick and easy.

Kaye Prince

There are a number of links and patterns for ballet tops through Ravelry. I just did a quick search and found tons – I just put “ballet” into the patterns search tab and then narrowed down the results by selecting “child” from the size/age tab. There are at least a dozen with ties around the body on the first page of results alone.

Nelly Jane

My Mum made cardigans such as your daughter is requesting when my sister and I did ballet as little girls. She was not known for her knitting and was quite slow in getting them finished. She made mine first but I was not allowed to wear it until my sister’s was ready. By the time Mum had finished my sister’s cardigan I had outgrown mine, I was very upset. Anyway, there must be a pattern for a cross-over cardigan out there somewhere and I hope your daughter enjoys wearing hers asap.


There’s one I really love in the vintage book “Kids knits” by Lesley Ann Price (got a dirt cheap copy on Abebooks a couple years ago) for a “ballerina bolero with slightly puffy sleeves.
My daughters wore it a lot, and I keep telling myself I want to make another one now that they’ve grown up.


My daughter has been dancing now for 13 years starting at 5 years old. My advice would be to purchase her a cotton lycra wrap around top at your local dancewear shop to wear in class as they get hot and it is easy to wash them withgthe leotards and tights, and make her the knitted one to pop on over the top going to and from her classes. Believe me this will be first of many projects if she has thelove for dance my girl has. I dont want to think of how many hours I have spent on costumes and performance tutu’s!!!! My best wishes go to her, it has been a wonderful experience for my girl and she has a fabulous social network as a bonus. She is now planning to do a uni degree in theatre design!!


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