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One More Week of Project Cupid!

Just a reminder that we're coming up on the last week of Project Cupid! We've already got about 170 submissions, all of them appropriately lovely. Check out some of our favorites below! The rules are simple: the project with the most hearts wins! The contest closes at the end of the Valentine's Day (February 14) week. The winner gets a free class!

Here are a few Project Cupid submissions that have caught our eye:

Sweet Feet

We heart these socks!

A Lovely Pendant

We love the detail!

Valentine's Quilt

Wrap yourself in love!



Love the creativity. Nice use of color,


I would love to vote for my favorite projects but am having a hard time finding more than a few in the projects area. Is there a secret to searching for the Project Cupid projects?


Simply search the word “Cupid” in the projects page. Thanks!

Janet Whitten

Love all the projects. Would love to know how the necklace was made.

Marilyn Hemingway

I love all the knitted projects that you show and the patterns that you have. I’m taking the sock knitting class now and really enjoying it. Thank you.

Melba Mosby

I am very interested in every field of crafts, including crocheting, knitting, counted cross stitch. needlepoint,etc. Have a very good clientele..

Kathy J. Thomas

Can’t figure out how to view all Project Cupid submissions – please help!

Bertha Fernando

Enjoyed your newsletter and am very interested in continuing reading. Best Wishes and thank you.


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