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How Craftsy Patterns Work

Craftsy Patterns is a vast and growing marketplace full of talented indie designers. Here, they offer their patterns to crafters all over the world; they sell them without paying Craftsy a single penny in fees or commissions. We support indie designers, and we love crafters. So explore the many categories of patterns to find inspiration and instructions for creating your next project.

Here’s an overview of how Craftsy Patterns works for designers:

Free, Fast, and Easy to List and Sell

Craftsy does not charge designers any fees or commissions to sell their patterns; it’s completely free. As for listing patterns, all you need is your pattern in PDF format, information about the pattern, photos of what the pattern is for, and a PayPal account. It’s a simple and fast process, which you can read more about here. We’ve also put together some helpful tips on how to best present and market your patterns, which you can read here.

Receiving Payment

All transactions for patterns are done via PayPal. Again, Craftsy charges no fees, and nor do we take any commissions. Thus, we do not handle any of the financial transactions. PayPal, however, is a widely used service that allows customers to use their checking accounts and/or credit cards. If you do not already have a PayPal account, consider the different account types (which you can review here). Some account types may charge more fees, while others may limit how much money you can receive in a given timeframe. Again, any fees that are assessed are those of PayPal, not Craftsy.

No Need to Send Your Pattern

We host your pattern (in PDF format) on our site. Your customers download the pattern directly from Craftsy after they’ve paid. That means you never have to worry about running to the post office to your patterns!

 Here’s an overview of how Craftsy Patterns works for pattern customers:

Quick and Simple to Browse and Buy

Just as it’s free for designers to sell their patterns on Craftsy, it’s free for customers to browse the patters. In order to buy a pattern, you need only be a Craftsy member (which simply means you register your email address), and have a PayPal account.


Coming soon! Leave Reviews and Post Your Pictures

Soon, you'll also be able to help other customers by leaving your feedback! After you’ve completed your pattern, you will be able to upload a picture and leave reviews. Remember, it’s a community, and your fellow Craftsy members would love to know what you think!


Karen Pior

Hi. Can you tell me when the online shop goes live?


Stefanie Japel

It looks like it could be today!

Karen Pior

Wow – how exciting! Will you be sending out an email to let us know?

Stefanie Japel

The patterns feature is already live.

Ellen @ hOOk iT! by wiLDaBoUtCoLoR

This is way cOOL! Such an exciting addition to Craftsy. Who ever came up with this idea should get a big PAT on the back!

Everything you need to know to set up your shop is here. Love that everything is taken care of between the sale of the customer and automatic upload for them. How easy is that! Love it, love it, love it!

Thank you so much for offering this feature to us! I’m all smiles! :’}


Trying to figure out how to do a PDF file for my patterns so I can post them. Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity.

trudy farber

I do not have a notice on my computer that any of the three patterns that I purchased from you on 2/18 have been downloaded so that I can print them.

Please tell me how this is done……



Stefanie Japel

Hi Trudy, The patterns will be emailed to you, so check your email inbox and spam folder. If you don’t find them there, contact the designer / shop owner who will be glad to help you locate your purchases.

Ceone Hudey

I ordered and paid for a pattern that I have not do I get the pattern?


Log back onto Craftsy and go to your “My patterns” You download your patterns from your craftsy account. All the patterns you purchase from Craftsy are stored for all time in your craftsy account to download as many times as you need. 🙂 I’m forgetful so I often download them more than once because I can’t always remember where I put the darn file, so this makes me extremely HAPPY 🙂

margo ortiz

I want to get the classes for the bras. I don’t understand if its the discs you will be sending me or will I watch the classes through the computer. Can someone clarify that for me , please?
first time on your website


Classes on craftsy are watched on your computer. There will be no disc sent. Your class will be available for as long as Craftsy is around, and I hope that is FOREVER 🙂


If I no longer decide I want a pattern in my pattern library after I have downloaded it onto my computer, how do I remove it from my pattern library?


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