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Craftsy Patterns: 3 Sewing Pattern Stores

We’re back with more highlights of fantastic indie pattern stores! At this point, you surely know that the Patterns section on Craftsy is filled with thousands upon thousands of patterns of all types—quilting, sewing, crocheting, knitting, jewelry, etc. And you surely know that if you’re a designer, we won’t charge you anything to upload, list, or sell your patterns. No fees. No commissions. So if you surely know all that, then you surely have gone and checked out the patterns…right?

Well, on the off-chance you haven’t been to the Patterns section yet, we thought we’d tempt you with a few of our favorite sewing pattern stores!

Pattern store: Gaila Designs’ Shop

Designer: Gaila Designs
Gaila Designs’ Shop | Craftsy Sewing Patterns

Carrying stuff can either be annoying, or it can be an opportunity to have a great accessory. With these patterns, you’ll never look at carrying stuff as a hassle again.

Pattern store: Tie Dye Diva patterns

Designer: tiedyediva
Tie Dye Diva patterns | Craftsy Sewing Patterns

Make something adorable for someone adorable. This is the spot to get patterns for beautiful baby stuff.

Pattern store: Candy Corner Quilting

Designer: CandyCoQuilting
Candy Corner Quilting | Craftsy Sewing Patterns

Be bold and colorful. Make something vibrant, fun, and stylish with the patterns from this shop.

Go on and get some ideas, inspiration, and instruction: check out Patterns now!


Mrs M Connor

hope to use your site soon

Barb Galvin

Loving that sunsuit by tiedyediva! Going to have to make a few for my nieces.


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