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The Worldwide Craftsy Meetup Party is today!!

Everyone here at Craftsy HQ is counting the minutes to meet up and have fun. Are you as excited as we are? Judging by what we’re hearing from you all, it sure sounds like it! We highly encourage you to take photos and video and send them in!

We’d love to do a Meetup Wrap-Up and show everyone how much fun we had. If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, make sure to do it now! Trust us when we tell you, that you do NOT want to miss this fun! In fact, let’s check in to see what’s going on at some of the different Meetups that are happening:

AUSTIN The organizers in Austin have this to say:

“we'll be making small fabric flowers … You'll need a needle, thread, scissors, and fabric for your petals and leaves. If you want to bring fabric to share or swap with others, that's great. April who owns Fabricker is also making her scrap stash, needles, and thread available to everyone to use for free if you don't have time to shop… We won't have tables at which to craft, but we'll have about 20 chairs. If anyone has access to additional chairs which we could use tomorrow, please email me at liere (at) mac (dot) com. I'd be happy to coordinate so we can have more seating!”

CHICAGO The organizers in Chicago have this to say:

“Bring your swap items that you don't like, need, or want anymore, and perhaps you can swap them with other people. I hope you will upload your finished projects to Craftsy's gallery, then we can look at them via computer and perhaps have your current mobile projects with you and we can chat and knit, embroider, hand sew, quilt or other.”

PORTLAND, OR The organizers in Portland have this to say:

“Wah-Hoo The day is finally here to meet up with everyone… It should be a lot of fun meeting and sharing. If y'all have any questions you can post it here. I'll be on and off today for any last minute stuff. 5;30 at the Refrectory Resauraunt. There will be someone to guide you to the banquet room.”

NEW YORK The organizers in New York have this to say:

“Due to the exciting surge of responses to the Thursday, January 26th Craftsy Meet-up party we have extended the hours of the party so as to accommodate all the expected participants. The party will now run from 6pm until 9pm. We also request that anyone who has registered after January 10th delay their arrival until 7:00pm. …Bring a portable project to work on and an item for show and tell. Sewing machines will be available for your use and other projects to pique your creativity.”

DENVER Here in Denver, we’ve got this going on:

Demo #1: Quilting blogger Amy Gibson will be showing us how to create a hand-sewn & embroidered coaster. Take one home with you!

Demo #2: Knitting guru Stefanie Japel will be hosting a 'yarn tasting' table where you can try out all sorts of cool yarns. Maybe you'll find a new favorite fiber!

Demo #3: Sewing instructor Claudia Miller will be doing a basic sewing machine demonstration and running a sewing machine clinic. Not sure how to get your machine going? Claudia can help!

Demo #4: Crochet personality Marly Bird will be teaching a basic 'learn to crochet' session.

Demo #5: We have a fun kids crafting table where you can make your own beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets and personalized buttons.


Stephanie A.

The Meetup was fantastic! Thank you so much for the fun time, for getting to meet all my favorite designers in person and for letting me be a silly fan girl. 🙂 I can’t wait till the next one!
I love crafters!

Thanks again, Craftsy. 🙂


Sounds like you all had great plans. I was very disappointed with our meetup. I went to the meetup in Kennesaw, GA. The organizer was a No Show. There were 7 that showed up but no organizer. We all happen to know each other from another group. So we enjoyed each others company while we ate dinner. It was not what I was expecting for a crafts meetup.

Stefanie Japel

Oh I’m so sorry to hear about this! I am glad to hear that you all had a great time, anyway!


Will there be any future craftsy meetups in San Diego?


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