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Still looking for a belated Holiday Gift idea? Make it a class from Marly Bird!

Craftsy knitting and crochet instructor Marly Bird has a special guest post...

You may have looked so hard for the gift SO perfect that you're STILL looking!

The yarnie in your life probably already has a ball winder and a swift, more yarn than she knows what to do with and a huge supply of needles and hooks but what your knitter or crocheter doesn't have is a class taught by ME, Marly Bird!

That's right, I teach two great classes on Both are geared for that crafter in your life who has always wanted to make a garment that fits her curves but just doesn't know where to start. In Curvy Knits: plus size knitting and Curvy Crochet: plus size crochet I teach how to alter a pattern to fit YOUR CURVES!

WAIT, I hear what you are want to really knock her socks off? Okay, I have it...Sign her up for the class AND one of the great classes that I teach around the country at the STITCHES Expos. Take a look at my class schedule and see if there is something that that will be perfect:

You might have missed the boat on your Holiday gifting, so be sure to give the gift that keeps on giving!

Merry (Belated) Christmas and Happy Holidays from Marly Bird.

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Marly, I look forward to meeting you at Stitches West! I’ll be in the Craftsy booth, fingers flying, demonstrating my Classic Cabled Cowl! I MUST learn some better ways to knit for MYSELF, who is on the “fluffy” side and really should do more for “me”!



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