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Save Over 21% on this Gorgeous Kit: Artichoke Twist

Recently, Marly Bird designed a beautiful sweater, exclusively published by Knitter’s Magazine.

Fortunately, we've partnered with Marly (after all, she teaches two Craftsy classes), Knitter’s Magazine, and Bijou Basin Ranch so that we could offer you the following awesome bundle of goodies at a huge discount: the sweater pattern, the yarn she uses in the pattern, and a copy of the issue of Knitter’s Magazine in which the pattern originally appeared!

The sweater is called Artichoke Twist, and as you can see it is a gorgeous, earthy, understated sweater perfectly fit, and made elegant with its cabling in the hems and yoke.

Look at that yarn! That is none other than Bijou Bliss from Bijou Basin Ranch. Made right here in Colorado, that makes it local to Craftsy! It’s a special 50/50 blend of yak and American Cormo wool. Very, very soft. You’ll love wearing it! You’ll also love buying it since our discount is 21% off of retail!

Truly, this deal is a great value. Your price will depend on what size sweater you are looking to knit. Pricing information for each size can be found through the following links:

Small (8 skeins)

Medium (9 skeins)

Large (10 skeins)

X Large (11 skeins)

XX Large (12 skeins)

3X Large (13 skeins)

 Definitely check this out, as it’s a great way to get wonderful yarn, a terrific pattern by a wonderful designer, and a very fun and interesting magazine. Visit the links above to learn more and order!


Sharon Tente-Clarke

I wish I could knit this good and make this great looking sweater, it is something I would wear too.

Ruth Ferguson

I am not interested in this particular sweater. Love, the back but the front wouldn’t suit my body. But I am interested in your product.

Dorothy Sheehan

How do you order the Artichoke Twist pattern and yarn?

Stefanie Japel

Click on the links in the post for each size and you’ll go to the order & info page.

Maisey Grigg

need to know measurements please, andcostds . Thsnkd. Isysarn washable?

Stefanie Japel

Please click on the sizes, as linked in the post, and you’ll go a page with more info.


Beautiful, but this color is unattractive on white-haired old ladies. Also, I would prefer it to zip, as that is more flattering to the older — or stouter — figure. Nut the design is lovely.


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