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Project Cupid Update

Well, it's only been a few days since the launch of Project Cupid, and there are already over 70 projects!

Here are some of our favorites:
(Click on any of the images to go to the projects' pages and learn more about them.)

Love Mixed Media Necklace

Project Cupid shadowbox display

Cupid Bow Beanie

Heart Potholder

These projects are GREAT inspiration for your Valentine's Day crafting!  If you've been working hard on some V-day projects of your own, why not upload and share pics today?  If you put "cupid" in the title, you might just win a Craftsy tote full of crafty goodies! (The project with the most hearts by February 14 wins.)


Bertha Fernando

Congratulations. Its a great idea. I will be glad to be a part of the whole programe

Deena Sanders

so many nice ideas and lovely projects I see here – hope mine will inspire others too!

Caryl Ligler

This is a great idea. I love Valentines Day or any other holiday for that matter.

Karen George

I love this and so will the girls.

Lois C. Belfer

How do I get patterns?

Stefanie Japel

Click on the “pattern” tab above and you’ll be able to start shopping.

Sandra Beck

I love this Craftsy site. Thanks for all the ideas and patterns etc.

Lakshmi Moorty

I love Craftsy website. Good ideas. I am posting a few for Project Cupid today.

kathy 0sterby

I love your site and all the fantastic ideas.

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