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Phoenix TNNA 2012 Wrap-Up Part 1


The Team is back from our first TNNA (The National Needle Arts Convention!)  We had a great time talking to shops, designers, and yarn companies about Craftsy.  The convention was a great way for us to debut several new site features and to meet our designer members and colleagues. In this blog post we share images from the convention, including what our booth looked like and photos of lots of awesome designers who stopped by to say hello!

Here we are setting up the booth:

Here's a view of Friday's fashion show.  It's always a great peek into what's new from the yarn companies and magazines.  The big trend for spring / summer seemed to be hand knit lace dresses like this one from Army of Knitters.   I really like this look myself, so can't wait to get some cotton and cast on!

As the trade show went on, we met tons and tons of designers, shop owners, and yarn companies.  Here are just a few of the Craftsy designers who stopped by to say hi:

(Marly Bird)

(Gwen Bortner)

(Melissa Leapman and Faina Goberstein)




Carolyn Bethel

Loved meeting you and love that you passed out both books and pens for us to keep track of our projects. The Tee-shirts are awesome too! Most of all the friendliness of your booth was awesome! You are doing a great job–Keep it up. This was my first TNNA also and I was overwhelmed at the beautiful products available.

anne barone

need instructions on making a dish cloth………both knitting and crochet

Stefanie Japel

Check out our “projects” section, you can search for “dishcloth” and will find lots of ideas.

Angie Olson

Where can i find the hat pattern Marly Bird has on?? LOVE IT

Stefanie Japel

She’s going to be teaching it in a workshop here on Craftsy.


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