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Great Meetup ideas from Clarksville, TN

We've been in touch with some of our Meetup Organizers to find out how the planning is going.  Here's what Naomi, planner for the group from Clarksville, TN has to say, sounds like it'll be a fun night!

We are looking forward to this event.  We are currently getting our goodies and ideas together.  I am the Events and Marketing Coordinator for Enchanted Yarn shop in Clarksville, TN,  where we are hosting the party.  When we received the Crafty invite, we viewed it as a perfect opportunity to reach out the the community and see what others are up to.  What a great way to explore our public!  Our main goal is to create a crafting community with all sorts of techniques and ideas making a way for people to meet, create and show off what they are currently trying.  The shop has an inspiration circle that is always open to anyone who wishes to stop by our store.  We mainly have a large fiber artists following but can't wait to host different types of crafting groups.

I will definitely post pictures of the party on the site.  This is going to be so fun!


Here are the details Naomi posted on the Craftsy Meetup page:

It's All In The Details!

Join us on Thursday, January 26th at 5:30p.m. at Enchanted Yarn Shop, 2327 Madison Street in Clarksville, TN for this great event!

What's Going to Happen:

The shop is going to be full of things to show, feel and do. There will be quick Make-n-Take Projects, door prizes, food and drink, all for your crafting and eating pleasure! We hope to have all sorts of people with different crafting skills and ideas to share. The most exciting news is the launch of the *Domestic Arts Emporium*, our new department offering women the opportunity to become fulfilled in their self, home and community.

What To Bring:

This is the time to show off your mad crafting skills! Bring something that you have made, any sort of craft, and about 20 copies of Instructional How-To's for attendees.

The Plan:

Enchanted Yarn Shop will continue to host Crafter Meetups throughout the year. It's a chance to mingle and develop a strong artesian presence in Clarksville. Our goal is to bring new, retro and lost domestic/handmade techniques and ideas under one roof and create an unique community. Join us in this cause!

This sounds like a lovely event and a really unique, special shop with a vision for the long term! 

What are you planning to do at YOUR meetup?

Still looking for a meetup in your area? Just go to the site, RSVP, and others will follow!



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Naomi Connet

Thanks Stephanie for using us as an example! This meetup party has created so much buzz in our community! Of course, I’m biased but the shop is definitely something special. Our long term goals developed overnight when the owner, RoLynn Thornton dreamed a vision of embracing the art of domesticity and wanted to share with others. Our city is part of a large Army base that is known for rapid deployment. Families stationed here may face 2,3, to 5 deployments during their orders. Many women are left behind to manage families on their own. RoLynn saw a need in Clarksville for a shop that created a safe and welcoming environment for people to meet and learn a new craft, fiber arts. But when we saw the Craftsy Meetup email, the vision of branching out into other crafts, teaching and nurturing those who may require more confidence in certain domestic skills and becoming a facilitator to meet local artisians came to fruition. Your party is a way of reaching out and creating a tight community through crafts and the lost art of domesticity. Thank you Craftsy for bringing this opportunity to us and becoming part of the bigger picture in creating comfort and beauty in our homes.


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