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Even More Meetup Ideas!

If your Craftsy Meetup is a more casual affair, or has just a few people, that's great! There are still lots of fun things you can do!  Here are some laid-back ideas from the Philadelphia and Portland meetups:

From Eileen in Philly:

We are planning on doing introductions and a show and tell. Some of us are going to bring food and snacks for the group and something to work on while we chat. We have a location and  I have looked up some ice breakers just in case we need a warm up to round out the evening. I don't have a specific activity that I plan to use just yet.

We do have a couple of people bringing cameras so pictures will be on the way to you after the meeting.


From Lois in Portland:

We are looking at a show and tell along with a supply swap.  I thought I would take the box of supplies Craftsy is sending and set up some door prizes.

- Lois

If you're looking for a meeting in your town and don't see one, you can start one by going to the Craftsy meetup site and RSVP-ing.  Don't worry, there are probably other crafters in the same boat, and they'll sign up after you do!

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Carol Hart

I am looking for a beading pattern for a crystal right angle weave cross and puffy heart. Can anyone lead me in the right direction?


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