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The Craftsy Team’s Crafty Classic Cowls!

Have you seen the Classic Cabled Cowl Workshop from Sheila Z?

We LOVE this project!  The whole time that we were talking to Sheila and working to get the workshop coded and onto the site, we were thinking about yarn, needles, and buttons!

As soon as the workshop launched, FOUR Craftsy team members (Sara, Kirsten, Rachel, and Lisa) all got in the car and took an educational field trip to our local yarn shop, Fancy Tiger Crafts.  They picked out gorgeous yarns (Spud & Chloe Outer and Cascade Magnum) and found their needles and sat down to get started.


The yarns.  L to R: Kirsten and Rachel's Spud & Chloe and Lisa's Magnum.


Here's cutie pie Dan winding the yarn.

Emily and Jaime getting everybody sorted out at the counter.

It's been so fun to see everyone's cowls come together.  We've even had a knitting lunch where we talked through the workshop & showed each other some stitches.  We also went to a knit night at the local library to get some co-crafting time in.  Lisa has already posted her FO pic!  Here's her daughter Sara in the Magnum version...I love the contrasting buttons on this one!

And here's Kirsten's Spud & Chloe FO...really cute! I've seen this on in person, and the color is so perfect on her.Of the original four Cowl Club members, three have finished!  We're still waiting on an FO pic from Rachel (hi Rach!) And here's Sara's cowl so far...she ran into a big of a snag on hers and had to rip back.  We've all been there!!

As we keep seeing more and more FO pics from the workshop on the site, AND more cowls around the office, even MORE of us are starting cowls.

Here's Nicole in hers:

(I personally love the way she did her buttons and am so copying that!)

And here's me with my yarn:

Jenn will be next to cast on, I can see it in her eyes!

We keep hearing Craftsy members say that they love our classes because they can take them with their long-distance friends and relatives.  They can all be on the site at the same time, watching the same spot of the course, and really experiencing the whole thing together...and the same is true of the workshops!

We've found that knitting through this workshop together has been a fun (I'm gonna say it!) team-builder, and a nice little (friendly) office competition! I'd better get to work on mine, before Jenn finds yarn and finishes before I do!

(Look for more cowl updates in the future!)


Hand Made Knitwear by Creative Design

Love the color Stephanie picked! It’s so much fun seeing “behind the scene” pics, too! Keep up the great Craftsy work!



I love these! Do you have workshops here in Houston? I would love to learn to do cables, but don’t do too well reading patterns…

Stefanie Japel

The workshop is online on the Craftsy website, follow any link in the blog post to register.

Jan Mulligan

So encouraging to see that other knitters from time to time have to ‘tink,’ or knit backwards. Thanks for the great website, and Happy New Year!

Betty Robertson

Just finished knitting a hat. I plan to start on a matching cowl. Any specific pattern?


Love the tomato colored cowl, is this pattern available to purchase? I saw the $15.99 and assumed that was for the class, am I correct? Thank you.

Stefanie Japel

The $15.99 price is for the workshop, which is a photo-tutorial. I’m not sure whether the pattern is available as a stand-alone.


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